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Don’t Miss These Awesomely Beautiful Sights When You Travel to Italy

By Charles Brown

Italy is a breathtakingly beautiful country that will always be one of the highlights for anyone’s travel to Europe. It has everything from the impossibly blue Mediterranean Sea to the spectacular Alps, with fabulous food at every stop along the way. And while you are there, you can’t help but trip over history with every step you take.

Here are few things you cannot miss when you travel to Italy:

For your Italy travel to discover

Photograph by RayDS

–Venice. Think about it. How many movies have you seen that were set in this romantic city? Well there is a reason. If there is a city with more charm and magic than Venice, someone is keeping it a very tight secret. (Oh sure, I can just hear those Parisians objecting that their’s is the most romantic city, but those folks are hardly objective. Besides, this is an article about Italy.)
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Clothing for an Italy Vacation

By Elda Rita Tessadori

Every travel starts with a big question: what kind of clothing shall I need?

Packing the wrong gear can make you feel out of place, uncomfortable and spoil your well deserved and meticulously planned vacations. The right clothes, on the other end will let you feel in tune with your surrounding, will help you blend in, feel at ease and enhance your experience.

This crucial decision depends mainly on the time of the year and the destination of your trip. Italy is blessed with a mild climate but don’t expect to wear fip flops if you go skiing on the Dolomites!
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Planning a Holiday in Italy

By Keith Barrett

If you’re planning a holiday in Italy then there will be a number of things that you’ll need to do. This article aims to help you cover all bases, from the practicalities to those little extras that can really make your holiday special.

Italy Travel Notes – Travel To Italy And Experience Europe

First things first – have you bought yourself a good travel guide? Many people mke the mistake of booking their holiday and not purchasing a guide book until they are almost due to leave. This is a shame, since a good guide can really be invaluable.
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