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Great Italian Vacations: Rome and Venice

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Clyde Dennis

When considering destinations in Europe to go on vacation Italy certainly should be at the top of any list. And when considering a visit to Italy, Rome and Venice are good places to start your trip.

Italy Travel Notes – Great Italian Vacations: Rome and Venice

With it’s very prominent place in world history Rome is the capital city of Italy. When traveling to Rome you’ll find such historical locations and sights like the Vatican, Coliseum, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Church of Saint Agnese, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps just to name a few of it’s landmarks.

Rome is a city rich indeed with historically significant landmarks and attractions. It’s been said that it’s nearly impossible to turn around anywhere in Rome and not see something an Emperor built, captured or destroyed.

Now, for those willing to risk potential wrath there are also new Divinci Code tours, which take you to the locations found in the very popular and now world famous book.
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Travel To Rome, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents: By: Cherdkiat Taesookavat

For new travelers who never been to Rome before could find out that it is very hard to imagine how Rome looks like and how to prepare themselves before visiting Rome. There are already plenty of this kind of information but this one probably the in-dept one that you are looking for. There are some good tips about what kind of attractions that you should visit when you are in Rome as they are particularly interesting even some of them may not be the highlighted attractions.

Italy Travel Notes – Travel To Rome, Italy

Rome is very well known among travelers of its attractive building, environment and fascinating culture. One you have a chance to visit Rome, you will be able to find out that Rome is not just a place for vacation and relax but it is also for anyone who wants to learn history and culture because Rome is the city that has very interesting history and diversity of culture. By visiting Rome, there are some tourist attractions that could not be missed.
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A Little Overview Of Rome

Italy Travel Notes presents: By: ORSON JOHNSON

As Italians would say, all roads end in Rome. We would say that all the roads start in Rome as well, and one would better put comfortable shoes on if visiting. Rome is all about everything wonderful, from delicious cuisine, history and tradition, a great nightlife to stunning art and fashion.

Italy Travel Notes – A Little Overview Of Rome

All by yourself in Rome? If so then you will notice that Italians are nothing like the characters in Godfather movie, but rather they are friendly, fun and, let`s admit it, beautiful. A family trip to Rome or a solo trip can be both educational and entertaining. Romance is all around and if you`re with the loved one, be prepared for extra butterflies in your stomach.
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