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Things to Do in Rome For Kids

Italy Travel Notes presents Cath Andrews

Rome is a great city. It’s vibrant, buzzy, full of life and absolutely heaving with history. There are activities in Rome for everyone. Adults love it. Couples love it. Students love it.

But what about kids?


You’ll find some guide books which tell you that Rome is no place for children. It can be overwhelmingly hot, the historical treasures that adults love can be tedious for young ones, walking round ruins and churches is tiring for little legs and the cobbled streets can be hard on small feet.
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Planning a Holiday in Rome, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents Matteo Cellini

DSC01553A RThe ‘Eternal City’ of Rome has a history dating back over 2500 years from the time the mythical Romulus and Remus are thought to have founded it after being brought up by a wolf. The city is on the banks of the River Tiber and lies between mountain ranges and the nearby Mediterranean Sea. Rome is the capital city of Italy and includes within its area the independent country state of the Vatican.

Rome is rather warm in summer and cool in winter. In fact, practically the whole country takes a holiday for 2 weeks in August, when a lot of establishments remain closed. Those travellers who like fewer crowds will enjoy this period, though a lot of services are minimal or lacking and weather is uncomfortable. 2 main airports service Rome and one main terminal rail station with 4 other smaller stations also brings in the travellers. Other options include the excellent road network and arrival by sea at the nearby port of Civitavecchia. Inside Rome the best means to get around is by foot, or using a cycle / scooter. Taking a bus is a good option and the metro comprising 2 lines as well as trams are available on select routes. Suburban rail lines are available on the outskirts of the city. Different kinds of prepaid passes for public transport are freely available.
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Learn 10 Secrets Your Friends Just Back From Rome Do Not Know!

Italy Travel Notes presents Cristiano Rubbi

* It’s 12 noon and you’re in Rome, but are you in the central part of Rome? If you are, chances are that you will hear the bang of the cannon shot being fired at this time every day on top of the Janiculum Hill. This is a tradition that goes back to January 1, 1847, when Pope Pius IX introduced it to ensure that all timepieces would be set on the same time.


* Haven’t you always taught children never to peep through a keyhole? You’ll be surprised if instead we suggest you peep through a keyhole… and then maybe you will do the same with your children. We believe you will agree with us if you simply follow our instructions: just wait for the sunset, go up Aventine Hill in Rome, look for Giardino degli Aranci, or Orange Garden, and when it closes enjoy the glorious view of St. Peter’s Dome through the keyhole of the gate.
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