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A Trip to Paradise – Rome Italy, City One of One Thousand We Will Visit

Italy Travel Notes presents Misty Jones

It is a city, it is a dream, it is a memory of seemingly unlimited and unending power. It is history itself. It defines the word “empire.” The Eternal City. Roma. Rome.

One of the guidebooks claims that one can turn any corner in Rome and run into “something beautiful and unexpected that was placed there centuries ago, apparently in the most casual fashion.” This is not hyperbole, it is literally true.


The legend is that if you throw a coin into the Trevi fountain, in the heart of the city, you will someday return. The fact that the bottom of the fountain is each day covered anew with coins demonstrates that visitors hope to come back to this place that represents so much of civilization’s past. Only the New World countries have a history that was not directly shaped by the people of this city. But even most of the inhabitants of the Americas came from countries, which, themselves, bore the indelible stamp of the Roman Empire, which, for centuries, ruled most of the then-known world.
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Where to Stay And What To Eat in Rome

Italy Travel Notes presents Art Sarkissoff

It is heartening to note that Rome is home to several classes of hotels that suit every budget. It is up to you to choose the type or the class of hotel to stay during your getaway to Rome with your family. It is important to choose the right location of the hotel too since they are available right at the center of the city or near wonderful landmarks of Rome. If you can choose a hotel near notable landmarks of the city then you can save a lot of money on traveling by the public transport system or any other vehicle for that matter.

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As a matter of fact the area near the central railroad station is laden with many affordable hotels to stay. If you are averse to traffic in the busy central areas of Rome, then you can choose less-traffic areas of Rome such as Via Veneto, Piazza Barberini or Salaria. These are some of the places that are free from traffic. If you are a busy shopper then you have many other places in Rome to find inexpensive hotels or holiday apartments to stay. The area between Piazza di Spagna and Via del Corso are characterized by the presence of affordable hotels and holiday apartments to rent.
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Affordable Rome Hotels

Italy Travel Notes presents Alex Henderson

DSC01555A RAlthough Rome is a city of great opulence, it is still fairly easy to get good deals on hotel rooms in this capital of Rome. Whether you prefer to stay in the Modern Center where most shopping and dining places are, the Old Rome where you’re surrounded with beautiful cathedrals, the Vatican, or Colosseo, there are cheap hotels that you can stay at.

The Modern Center is an excellent place to look for cheap hotels in Rome, Italy. This is the city’s hub of activity and is a home to a huge assortment of hotels including the Hotel Cortorillo Rome, Hotel Malu Rome and Hotel Rubino Rome. All these budget hotels offer rates starting at 40-50. This is a good place to stay when you’re in Rome despite the fact that most of the historic places that tourists visit are not situated in this place.
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