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Florence for young travellers

Italy Travel Notes presents: Michele De Capitani

Among academies, libraries and museums, religious monuments, churches, civil architecture and buildings you will experience you really are in a treasure hunting. For this reason not only tourists, or backpackers but prevalently international students or even international volunteers are choosing this city for their academic courses, stages and studies.


Well, to start, we mention an international place where students, travellers, journalists and actors usually meet: at Acqua al 2 you can get cannelloni, beef, selection of salads, pasta, cheese and excellent wines at average prices of €30. Acqual al 2 is a modern bistro that we suggest in Via Vigna Vecchia ,40; ph: +39 055 284 170; open daily from 7.30 pm-1am).
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American cemetery in Florence – Paying a homage while on holiday

Italy Travel Notes presents:

By Alberto Scarsi

Florence! The heart of the art! Located in the middle of Tuscany, it has represented for centuries the cradle of art, in all its forms and expressions. This enormous and priceless heritage has attracted people from all over the world, making of Florence one of the most popular tourist destinations. This has not always been the case though, at least for some years.


Thousands of soldiers were sent to Europe, and Italy, during the Second World War and Florence became a land to conquer and then to defend. Museums, churches, cathedrals, piazzas and other beauties of Florence were no longer the aim of those who came from far away. Sadly, many would not make their way back home and thanks to their lives, Florence, Italy and Europe could find again its previous freedom.
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Pitigliano The Little Jerusalem In Maremma

Italy Travel Notes presents: Pitigliano is a small town in Italy, situated south of Florence and north of Rome. Pitigliano is situated on the top of a steep tuff of a volcanic magma.

Pitigliano was considered the home of Jews. They shared the habitat with the gentile population of the town in a harmonious manner and together contributed for the cultural and social development of both communities. The village landscape reminds you of the Jerusalem city. The tuff rock bears unison with the medieval structures. The picturesque of the emerging grayish cluster of buildings from the dark woods brings the memory of the days of the Jewish community in this small religious city. Its culture and civilization is a tribute to the enduring devotion of the minority Jewish community towards this city.

The natural attractions of Pitigliano are the wild forest surrounding the cliff and the creeks that are developed into deep valleys. The largest Italian lake, Lake Bolsena is situated near Pitigliano. The landscape of Pitigliano is beautified with Mount Amiata, a 1738-meter high volcano that was separated from it long time ago. The Maremma coast extends 50 kilometers from Pitigliano with beautiful beaches that are not invaded by the human activities.
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