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Outside Florence: Trips Out Of Town When Staying In Florence, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents: ORSON JOHNSON

You might feel your breath virtually taken away by overwhelming awe for a number of times, while in Florence – the city brimming with breath taking beauties. Florence certainly is one of the most awesome beauties of the world. Surely, one of my favorite travel destinations, Florence is an exotic city strewn with many awe-inspiring sites and landscapes.

Famous for its marvelous art & architecture and beguiling scenic beauty, Florence is the city hemmed in by captivating sites. The city certainly has numerous charms, which are not only within the main city, but spread all over its surroundings and adjoining areas. So, whenever you are in Florence, don’t miss to take a trip outside the city, after relishing all major attractions within the city. Here are some of the worth visiting places outside Florence.
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Different types of lodging in Florence

Italy Travel Notes presents:

Clint Jhonson

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region, having around half a million inhabitants and being situated almost in the middle of the Italian peninsula. Here, you can visit many beautiful, renaissance style buildings, including interesting churches and majestic palaces. The heart of the city is Piazza de Duomo and Piazza della Signoria, the center of the city being steeped in culture.


If you are planning to visit Florence soon and you are looking for accommodation, you should know that lodging in Florence can be quite expensive, especially in summer. Hotels offer their customers comfortable and practical accommodation, but most of them fit into the luxury category. If you don’t want to spend an important amount on money, we suggest trying rentals in Florence. The difference between hotels and rentals is the fact that the last ones offer great accommodation conditions but they are less expensive.
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All-Inclusive Tuscan Cooking & Wine Vacations

Italy Travel Notes presents: TUSCAN WAY

125_25541Finding new ways to experience the culture of a country can be a great strategy for really gaining a better appreciation and understanding of it. It’s little wonder, then, that more and more people are demanding more in depth experiences along with their traditional holidays and tours of different parts of the world. Holidays in Italy are no exception; traditional bus tours of common hot spots around the country simply aren’t enough for many of today’s discerning travelers. Among the many types of themed holidays offered around Italy, Tuscan Way’s cooking and wine vacations lead the pack in terms of popularity, enjoyment and overall fun.

Combining Travel with Hands On Experiences

People who engage in Italian wine and food holidays – especially in and around Tuscany – do so for many excellent reasons. For many, simply visiting museums and touring old buildings just isn’t enough to truly gain a good appreciation and understanding of the culture of a place. Any teacher can tell you that learning by doing is a key educational concept; the same applies for food and wine holidays in Tuscany. Rather than simply observing local people perform the necessary work to produce their incredible cuisine and world class wines, people on Tuscan Way’s “Tuscan wine and food holidays” can actually participate in such processes.
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