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Discover Venice on a Charming Gondola Ride

By Mimi Rippy

Venice has a romantic and alluring quality which is only enhanced by its tragic struggle against the water which has made it so famous. Hailed as the worlds’ most romantic city, Venice indulges its visitors with its enchanting landscapes and timeless architecture which never fail to inspire and excite.


Venice is a city like no other and offers completely unique sights and attractions. If its rich architectural collection does not tempt you then an authentic gondola ride down the Grand Canal definitely will. The Grand Canal is an ideal place to start your gondola ride and its banks offer a remarkable collection of architectural gems dating as far back as the 13th century. The mansions which are arranged along the edge of the canal offer a glimpse into the grandeur and flamboyance of Venice’s past while attesting to the city’s claim of unrivalled architectural examples of the Renaissance, Gothic and Byzantium eras. As well as cruising the Grand Canal, your Venice Gondola Ride will take you through the city’s backstreets. Your gondolier will use their local knowledge to highlight buildings of interest to tell you fascinating stories and trivia unknown to the guidebooks!
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