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One day trip from Milan without a car: Bologna with the High Speed Train

Italy Travel Notes presents: by ENRICO MASSETTI

You don’t need a car to spend one day in beautiful Bologna when you are staying in Milan: with the new high speed train Bologna is just one hour away from the center of Milan. Most trains leave from the Milano Centrale station, a few from Milano Porta Garibaldi, and stop at Milano Rogoredo, the door station in the south of Milan. You can get to the Milano Rogodero station with the line 3 of the “metropolitana” (underground), or with one of the suburban train lines S1, S2, S6 and S10, connecting every point in the city. The trains from Milano Centrale are available every hour, on the half hour from 6:30 AM. The train back from Bologna to Milan runs every hour on the minute 24, from 9:24 AM to 10:24 PM.

To experience the train running at 186mph (300 kmh) is by itself worth the trip.

Once in Bologna you can take the Bus nos. A, 25, and 30, they run between the station and the historic core of Bologna, Piazza Maggiore from where you can start your visit of the city. A lunch in one of the restaurants in downtown Bologna should not be missed, as Bologna is called “la grassa” (The Fat) for its culinary traditions.
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Walking around Bologna

Italy Travel Notes presents:


Bologna is designed in such a way that allows visitors and tourists to meet many of its main buildings, monuments, parks and attractive areas by walking to them due to the short distance which separates them from the city’s center. This characteristic makes bologna unique and charming as well as allows visitors to enjoy the environment and its essence by going from one point to another.

This Italian city’s population is of about 390.000 and is characterized by having ancient walls which separate the central area from the rest of the city. This city does not receive a great amount of visitors at any particular season of the year, but it does receive many visitors in a constant basis.
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Everything you need to know to enjoy Bologna at its best- part 1

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Giuseppe Zappala`

While on a visit to Bologna a friend of mine from abroad was really struck by the distinctiveness of the city, wondering why it was not a more popular destination for foreign tourists.

Italy Travel Notes – Everything you need to know to enjoy Bologna at its best- part 1

He believes Bologna merits more than a fleeting weekend. It definitely is worth it! To tell the truth, Bologna enjoys much bigger fame around the world than it is believed. Its name is synonymous with gastronomy even if it is being associated with a specialty whose origins can hardly be traced back to Bologna: the (unfortunately) famous Spaghetti Bolognese. And they have nothing of the Bolognese in them.

It is the mortadella, lasagna and tortellini (whose origins are being disputed by a number of other localities in Emilia-Romagna) that actually originate from Bologna.

Bologna is undoubtedly known for its University, the oldest on the continent. It was founded in 1088 and is an institution of great importance for the city, which takes up different premises in the centre but also on the city`s outskirts.

But let us get back to the start, to the point where the visitor nearing the city spots from afar the outlines of an imposing construction, sited atop a hill, to the city`s south. This is the Basilica of San Luca, a sort of beacon for travellers, which signals from a distance that they are about to enter the city of Bologna (whose ancient Etruscan name was Felsina).
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