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Welcome to our Italy Travel Notes podcasts!

Whether you’re traveling, out of the office, on vacation or just lounging with your iPod, you can always get inspired to the beauty of Italy listening to our podcasts.

Italy Travel Notes podcasts

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Videocast 3: Venice

Videocast 2: Amalfi coast

Videocast 1: Noto, Sicily

Podcast 1 Italy shopping tips

Podcast 2 How to know you have arrived in Italy

Podcast 3 Introducing the Amalfi coast

Podcast 4 A day in Praiano

Podcast 5 Sicilian food and wine

Podcast 6 Rome Fiumicino airport Area A

Podcast 7 Rome Fiumicino airport Areas B and C

Podcast 8 Places to visit in Calabria – part 1

Podcast 9 Places to visit in Calabria – part 2

Podcast 10 Everything you need to know to enjoy Bologna – part 1

Credits for the music go to:
Picari and their album Ta Tta TTta vol.2 for the joyful and the real Italian atmosphere of their music.

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