A Guide to Public Transport – Italy

By Paolo Matzi

If you are a tourist visiting Italy, you should familiarize yourself with the different modes of public transport in Italy. Knowing the different ways of getting around the beautiful country provides you with a peace of mind and having the grandest of time during your visit.

Italy is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. A lot of people are scrambling to visit Italy and stroll in its beautiful cobbled streets, visit the different tourist spots and simply enjoy the Italian life.

Italy Travel Notes – Vacation To Italy And Get A Major Dose Of History

If you are one of those tourists, you might want to get to know the different means of public transport Italy before even booking the trip. Carefully planning of your whole trip will make your visit to Italy a memorable experience ‘ one with significantly less problems and with time that is greatly maximized.

Knowing public transport in Italy gives you an edge while travelling. No longer will you have to battle with unreadable maps or signs that you can’t understand. When you know how to get around the country, you will be able to get to where you want to be in no time.
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Italy Vacation Rentals

By Kristy Annely

Vacation rentals are furnished accommodations available on a temporary basis for tourists. Vacation rentals are becoming an increasingly popular option, as they give you more privacy, a unique and very personal touch to your holiday, and an opportunity to absorb the local culture from close quarters.


Italy provides a wide range of choices. Depending on your budget you can rent anything from a humble one-room flat to a private villa or a castle with a dozen bedrooms and a private pool. You can pick a farmhouse or a cozy cottage nestled in a small town, or an accommodation in the middle of a bustling city.
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Italy Budget Holiday

By P. Scottyn

DSC01534A RThere are a lot of reasons why Italy is at the top of the travelers’ wish list. Awe-inspiring cultural attractions and historical monuments rank highly; so, too, does the wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and friendly people… it goes on and on!

But as far as the budget traveler is concerned, arguably the best thing about the country is the sheer unmitigated quality of budget accommodation. Put simply, hostels in Italy are some of the best in the world.


Italy’s history is characterized in part by the excess of the lavish Romans, evident in architectural triumphs such as the Colosseum in Campitelli and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento which, although suffering the natural toils of time, still provide a fascinating insight into a great empire past.
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Italy – An Exotic Holiday Experience

By Nitin Nimbalkar

Italy is often referred to as the land of the romantics, rightly so one can not miss the scenic beauty that Italy has to offer. Tourists are mesmerised by the sheer diversity of the culture. From pizza’s to wine and hot beaches to warm hospitality, Italy has it all. When in Italy these are a few things that you can not miss, also some places that should not be missed are Rome, Venice and Verona – that is to name a few off so many. Venice, is paradise for honeymooners who wish to travel through the historic canals swaying in Gondolas while Rome boasts of the Era of the Roman Empire. Of course Verona was made famous with tales of the eternal bond of love between Romeo and Juliet. With so much to boast of, Italy successfully captures the mind of a traveller.


Italy has set records ticking, being considered the fourth most visited country in the world. Italy has competently found its place on the globe with people and places to reckon with- who has not heard of Michelangelo, the famous artisan behind the great Sistine Chapel, in Rome, not too far behind is another personality Leonardo Da Vinci a gifted man of intelligence. While these were people who made Italy famous, Pasta a equally famous Italian dish found its way to millions of food lovers across the world. Besides Pizza now categorised as fast food all over was first made in Italy. Contrary to popular belief the Leaning Tower of Pisa has nothing to do with the name pizza. Rather it is a popular monument built years ago which literally leans and this characteristic makes it impossible to forget.
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Italy at a Glance

By Mike Romano

Italy is one of the great prides of Europe. It attracts thousands of thousands of visitors year in and year out. It such a beautiful country with great sceneries that a lot of nature lovers simply love this place. Some of the spectacular places that you can visit here are the great Alps and the scenic Po River. Italy is home to a number of scenic islands including the city islands of Sicily, Dino Island and Sardinia, and a lot more.

Italy Travel

Aside from the natural beauty of Italy, it is also home to a number of cultural gems. It has a number of museums all over its major cities that attract people interested in Italian art and culture. Some of the great museums the country is proud of are the Uffizi Museum in Florence, The Aquarium in Genoa, and the Automobile Museum in Turin, among many others.
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Travel Tips: Italy

By Pallavi S Kant

Most people say that Euro-trip is not satisfactory without Italy.

You can see the most spectacular beauty and architectural radiance in this country. This is the reason most people travel here. This country has amazing lifestyle and culture with adopt modern day developments. You can see the beautiful city of Venice and you can enjoy the food, music, and culture. This county is full of historical places which made it a perfect travel spot.

For your Italy travel to discover

Photograph by RayDS

When planning to spend your vacation in Italy, you must first consider your budget since there are a lot of things to do in this country. Having a tight budget can ruin your trip because you cannot enjoy all the attractions and spots. Here are few tips to make your Italy tour memorable.
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Italy For Seniors Travel

By Bronwyn White

It’s no surprise that Italy is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with amazing sights like ancient cities, classic works of art, charming villages, majestic natural scenery and much more spread all over the country. It’s also a great place for seniors travel in particular, with a large range of great historical tours, wine tastings, education and language packages and cruises tailored to overseas visitors on offer.

Senior citizens enjoy a respected status in Italy. Culturally, they are considered not old, but wise and experienced having contributed long and well to society. This great respect for seniors translates to all sorts of benefits like discounts at restaurants and all sorts of local places, so be sure to ask wherever you are. However, in terms of overall discounts to well known attractions, we have heard in some instances that seniors travel discounts do not get offered to non-EU citizens, but be sure to ask.
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Is It Possible to Get Lost in Venice?

By Sylvia Behnish

You will almost certainly get lost in Venice, even with a map. It is said that even the Venetians get lost when they get outside of their own immediate neighbourhood. But getting lost is half the fun, as long as you don’t have to be somewhere by a certain time.

Italy Travel Notes – Venetian Carnival

On our visit to Venice, we went about it in the worst possible way. We set out looking for specific attractions which were difficult, if not almost impossible to find and wasted valuable time searching. It is much better to meander through the city because chances are you will stumble upon one, or more of the attractions and will see so many other wonderful things as well. According to seasoned tourists, there is no city in the world easier to get lost in than Venice. I would concur that it takes no effort whatsoever.
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Beat the Curiosity – Visit the Unusual Places in Venice

By Sam Miller

Venice is a lovely and magical city where you can find lots of places to visit. It is no wonder that there are thousands of tourists that are heading to this area. Many of them are returning visitors as Venice has already captured their interests when it cast a spell unto them. Here, you will find different unique and unusual places in Venice that you will surely find interesting. When you go to this place, do not forget to visit them so that your stay will be more than complete.

Italy Travel Notes – A short guide to having fun in Italy

One of the interesting and unusual places in Venice is the Bridge of Sighs or the Ponte de Sospiri. Not only is the name unusual but the entire place is exceptional as well. This is actually the place that connects the prison rooms to the Doge’s Palace where the interrogation room is located. Here, the convicts are allowed to get their last view of Venice City as they glance out the window. Another is the Campanile of San Marco, which is famous all over the world. If you want to go to the top of the building, you will need to pay for a small fee. Do not worry because it is surely worth your money as the 360 degree view is breathtaking. An interesting fact here is that this is not actually the original Campanile since it suddenly collapsed in the year 1902. Nevertheless, what we see now is an exact replica of what had been before.
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Discover Venice on a Charming Gondola Ride

By Mimi Rippy

Venice has a romantic and alluring quality which is only enhanced by its tragic struggle against the water which has made it so famous. Hailed as the worlds’ most romantic city, Venice indulges its visitors with its enchanting landscapes and timeless architecture which never fail to inspire and excite.


Venice is a city like no other and offers completely unique sights and attractions. If its rich architectural collection does not tempt you then an authentic gondola ride down the Grand Canal definitely will. The Grand Canal is an ideal place to start your gondola ride and its banks offer a remarkable collection of architectural gems dating as far back as the 13th century. The mansions which are arranged along the edge of the canal offer a glimpse into the grandeur and flamboyance of Venice’s past while attesting to the city’s claim of unrivalled architectural examples of the Renaissance, Gothic and Byzantium eras. As well as cruising the Grand Canal, your Venice Gondola Ride will take you through the city’s backstreets. Your gondolier will use their local knowledge to highlight buildings of interest to tell you fascinating stories and trivia unknown to the guidebooks!
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