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Italy Travel Notes presents by those who love travelling through Italy, for those who are about to discover it.

Italy Travel Notes is meant to be created by you – travellers inspired by Italy who want to share their impressions, their travelogues. Send us your impressions, the experiences you enjoyed most and we will publish them for free. Send us your photos and we will illustrate your articles.

The articles you send need not be professional, share you thoughts as if you are talking to a friend who has either been in Italy and wants to learn more, or someone who is about to visit il Bel Paese (as Italians call it) for the first time.

Italy Travel

We would like to make the Italy Travel Notes a treat for all senses – to send us your articles on Italy and what you like about it or to tell us what else you would like to read about on the page of Italy Travel Notes.


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From those inspired by Italy to those who want to discover it