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Guide to Vicenza, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Karen Bryan


Vicenza is situated between Padova and Verona, in the Veneto region of northern Italy. It is known as the city of Palladio. The 16th century architect Palladio, who worked in the city, is one of the most influential architects of all time. It is one of the wealthiest cities in Italy.

Italy Travel Notes – Guide to Vicenza, Italy

Unique Points

Vicenza has one the highest concentrations of historic buildings of any Italian city. The influence of Palladio is significant in the city. His best known works include the Basillica, the Tetro Olimpico, the world’s oldest surviving indoor theatre, and the Villa Rotonda. However don’t be put off and think that this is just a city for architecture buffs. The city centre is fairly compact and it is a pleasure just to wander round and soak up the atmosphere. The city is also famous for goldsmiths who were first referred to in the city statutes in 1339. There are around 1000 local firms producing half of Italy’s goldware.
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