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Umbria – A Fascinating Region Of History And Culture

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Roger Coombes

Umbria is located in the geographical centre of Italy, between Tuscany and Le Marche. The capital is Perugia, a city founded by the Etruscans. Umbria is the region where in a relatively confined space the visitor can enjoy the best aspects of Italian life, history and culture. Improved communications are opening up the region to new types of visitors attracted by the artistic and cultural heritage as well as the opportunities for having a second home, taking holiday breaks in peaceful country locations, or enjoying outdoor sports in attractive settings.

The hills, covered with evergreen oak, account for the traditional description of Umbria as the green heart of Italy. Between the Tiber valley and the Tuscan towns of Cortona and Arezzo there is an attractive area of wooded hills. Just west of Perugia is Lake Trasimeno, Umbria`s largest expanse of water, and scene of the battle where Hannibal and his elephants defeated the Romans in 217 BC. South of Lake Trasimeno the landscape changes, becoming gently undulating rather than hilly or mountainous and the houses are built of terracotta bricks rather than stone, which gives a different look to the countryside.
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I Love Italian Food and Wine – The Umbria Region

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Levi Reiss

Umbria lies smack dab in the middle of Italy. The countryside is unspoiled and dotted with medieval churches. Its fairly gentle terrain is composed of hills, valleys, and small mountains. Umbria is the only region of Italy with neither a seacoast nor a foreign border. But it has lakes, rivers, and even a waterfall. It is known as the green valley of Italy. In spite of this name, until a few decades ago Umbria kept losing population to the more highly industrial north. Its total population is about 830 thousand.

Umbria was settled by the Umbri, perhaps the first inhabitants of Italy. They were forced into the mountains by the Etruscans, who were conquered by the Romans and then the Lombards. The poet Dante considered it the most violent part of Italy.
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Travelling Between Tuscany and Umbria

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Robert Palmer

With so much to see and do in Italy, visitors making plans to tour the country face some difficult choices. One of the best ways to make sense of all of your options is by creating a set itinerary. Start by deciding what’s important to you on your vacation. This will of course vary for every traveler; some people are into gastronomy, while others visit Italy primarily to see artistic masterpieces.

Still others visit the peninsula to enjoy natural beauty. For those looking for a great combination of all three, one suggested itinerary would be a tour through Tuscany and Umbria. With world class cities and gorgeous scenery, these two regions offer something for every kind of visitor.
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