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A City Tour of Florence

Italy Travel Notes presents: Robert Palmer

City tours Florence offers are some of the best ways to see the city. This city is rich in its history and it offers visitors both something traditional and something modern. Although it is easy to walk around from place to place and to marvel at the city’s beauty, a Florence tour is a better way to see everything there is to see and do while visiting.

Italy Travel Notes – A City Tour of Florence

Why Choose City Tours: Florence

Consider all there is to see in the city. Florence tours are able to show it all to you. For example, these are some of the areas to explore when you get a tour in Florence: Get up close and see Michelangelo’s David sculpture. This one piece of art is the reason so many people come to the city in and of itself.
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Florence, Italy Bed and Breakfasts – Breakfast for the Heart and Your Wallet

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Landon Colins

You can’t go to Italy and not visit Florence. It simply isn’t done. Located in the middle of the country, Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region. If you want to immerse yourself in Italian history and culture, go to Florence. If you want to feel the pulse of Italian life, drop by Florence!

Italy Travel Notes – Florence, Italy Bed and Breakfasts - Breakfast for the Heart and Your Wallet

Florence is one of the world’s premier cities. From the 1300s to the 1500s, it led Europe in fields such as education, finance, and commerce. During this time, some of art’s unofficial Hall of Famers, namely, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Dante, created some of the world’s greatest masterpieces. Florence served as Italy’s capital until the government was transferred to Rome in 1871. Today, Florence’s economy is primarily based on tourism, which includes accommodations such as Florence, Italy bed and breakfasts.
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Bicycle Tours – Italy’s Tuscan Archipelago

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Luc Lacasse

The Tuscan Archipelago is actually a string of seven islands, including Capraia, Gorgona, Giglio, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri and Elba all located on the west coast of Italy.

Italy Travel Notes – Bicycle Tours - Italy's Tuscan Archipelago

Elba is the largest in the string with a population of about 38,000 people and easily accessible by ferry. It is a very busy touristy location not far off the Tuscan coast with a cooler climate than central Italy, but with all the same dramatic volcanic cliffs, rugged landscapes and sandy beaches. With a small data base of rental rooms and a large vacationing population, especially in the peak European holiday season, it is a must to plan ahead and avoid the panic of not finding suitable accommodation.
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Touring Tuscany and Rome

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Keith Barrett

Italy attracts millions of visitors each year, drawn by its beautiful rural areas, historic cities and welcoming atmosphere. A touring holiday of Tuscany and Rome is a great way to see some of Italy’s real highlights.

A typical ten day escorted holiday of the region provides ample time to see some of the sights of the region. Relaxing on an executive coach provides a wonderful, stress-free way to enjoy the countryside of Tuscany.

Italy Travel Notes – Touring Tuscany and Rome

Photograph by Trey Ratcliff – From Stuck In Customs

It’s little wonder that so many people have become enchanted by this part of Italy. Most excursions to this part of Italy would be expected to take in the two glorious cities of Florence and Pisa.

Both have enchanting districts, as well as the spectacular sights provided by their cathedrals. In the case of Pisa, its Leaning Tower remains one of the most distinctive structures on the planet.
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Tuscany – Many Things to See and Do

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Tommy Gordon

Just one holiday spent in Tuscany, Italy isn’t enough; this magical area offers much to see and do. You can find different types of leisure and recreations throughout Tuscany, to serve and delight every traveler. At the end of your first visit you’ll just want to come back to Italy as soon as possible and try a different place to stay in Tuscany every time.

Italy Travel Notes – Tuscany – Many Things to See and Do

When you step outside your rented farmhouse or B&B in Tuscany, you will find water sports, Tuscan winemaking and olive oil production that can only be found in Italy. Not to mention Tuscany, Italy’s vast variety of historical monuments such as The Tower of Pisa.
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Guide about Versilia in Tuscany

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Marcos Box

Versilia is located in the North-West part of Tuscany, in province of Lucca.

The area includes the Communes of Viareggio, Camaiore, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Massarosa, Seravezza and Stazzema, the Regional Park of Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli to the South and the Park of Apuane to the North. It is close to art cities such as Lucca (20 Km), Pisa (21 Km) and Florence (100 Km). It is easy to reach with any means of transport.

Versilia economy is extremely various. Along the coast predominates the touristic and receptive activity with more than 650 hotels for every kind of need and means, from five-star luxury hotels to the boarding houses, from residences to camp sites, and e few farm holidays
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Tuscany Holiday – Pistoia

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Laura Lenti

Italy Travel Notes – Tuscany Holiday - PistoiaPistoia, lies on North-West of Florence, in Tuscany Italy. Its name Pistoria, Pistoriae or Pistorium in Latin denotes the oven used for baking bread. During the eleventh and twelfth centuries, Pistoia distinguished itself for its strong economic growth; as a consequence the city came to control a large territory that exceeded what is today the province of Pistoia. In 1401 Pistoia lost its independence forever and became an integral part of the Florentine dominions. In the following centuries the city prospered.

The province of Pistoia, north of the Tuscany region, is encircled from the Appennines and offers wonderful wooded greens mount scenes and, interrupted from valleys and rivers, rich historical countries full of art, ideal destinations for those who love to join the natural excursions to the discovery of cities rich of character and beauty, in atmospheres like the more classic goals of Tuscany. Cities like Montecatini and Monsummano are famous for their thermal plants – SPA -, Pescia for its international market of flowers and above all the capoluogo, Pistoia, is rich of beautiful Romanesque churches. On the hills around Pistoia, at 400 meters of altitude, Factory ( in italian Fabbrica ) is found, a charming and very small village of medieval origin (XI sec), brought back recently to new life by a sage restoration. The houses are tightened around to an evocative Romanesque Pieve and in top to the country, encircled from two small garden, there is `the ORTENSIA’, one house for the vacations in stone, cooked and beams, according to the Tuscan tradition. The village is quite and silent, dipped in forests of chestnut trees and of oaks. You can get to it through paths, by foot or mountain bike. A wide swimming pool, with wonderful sight on the valley, assures beautiful moments of relax, in the middle of wonderful nature.

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Sightseeing a Beautiful City – Don’t Miss Florence Landscapes

Italy Travel Notes presents:

By Alessio De Luca

Italy Travel Notes – Sightseeing a Beautiful City – Don't Miss Florence LandscapesFORTE BELVEDERE Forte San Giorgio, called Forte Belvedere (nice-seeing) for its wonderful sight, was committed to Buontalenti by Ferdinando I, to protect the city and the granducal family, that could reach the fortress from Palazzo Pitti crossing the Boboli gardens. During the summer, you find a huge red inflated sofa where you can sit admiring the wonderful panorama! Forte Belvedere can be reached by bus number 13 from Florence central train station S.M.N.

FIESOLE A small village on a hill overlooking Florence (near the city stadium)…it takes only 5 minutes to reach but it seems like a completely different part of the world. Climbing up to San Francesco church (on the top of Fiesole) there is probably the most breathtaking view of Florence. Moreover, you might take another street and go up from the end of viale Righi (the street is called via del Salviatino)…then you can reach Fiesole through a really impressive panoramic way. Fiesole can be reached by bus number 7 from Florence central train station S.M.N.
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Agriturismo in Toscana – Agritourism in Tuscany

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Ailin Chung-Gon

Italy Travel Notes – Agriturismo in Toscana - Agritourism in TuscanyAgritourism started off several years ago on the initiative of some peasants who wanted to introduce to visitors and to tourists, the genuine products of their fields and their breedings, besides their hospitality in their farmhouses.

In this way many people came to know that kind of life style and to appreciate its characteristics. Moreover they had the possibility to taste the local wine and some real culinary specialties in all their genuineness!
But it was only during the years 60’s that farm holidays began to be known. Meetings were organized and articles were published in newspapers in order to introduce this new way of spending a holiday with nature, therefore foundations were laid for a new kind of development for large and small farms.
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