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Different types of lodging in Florence

Italy Travel Notes presents:

Clint Jhonson

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region, having around half a million inhabitants and being situated almost in the middle of the Italian peninsula. Here, you can visit many beautiful, renaissance style buildings, including interesting churches and majestic palaces. The heart of the city is Piazza de Duomo and Piazza della Signoria, the center of the city being steeped in culture.


If you are planning to visit Florence soon and you are looking for accommodation, you should know that lodging in Florence can be quite expensive, especially in summer. Hotels offer their customers comfortable and practical accommodation, but most of them fit into the luxury category. If you don’t want to spend an important amount on money, we suggest trying rentals in Florence. The difference between hotels and rentals is the fact that the last ones offer great accommodation conditions but they are less expensive.
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All-Inclusive Tuscan Cooking & Wine Vacations

Italy Travel Notes presents: TUSCAN WAY

125_25541Finding new ways to experience the culture of a country can be a great strategy for really gaining a better appreciation and understanding of it. It’s little wonder, then, that more and more people are demanding more in depth experiences along with their traditional holidays and tours of different parts of the world. Holidays in Italy are no exception; traditional bus tours of common hot spots around the country simply aren’t enough for many of today’s discerning travelers. Among the many types of themed holidays offered around Italy, Tuscan Way’s cooking and wine vacations lead the pack in terms of popularity, enjoyment and overall fun.

Combining Travel with Hands On Experiences

People who engage in Italian wine and food holidays – especially in and around Tuscany – do so for many excellent reasons. For many, simply visiting museums and touring old buildings just isn’t enough to truly gain a good appreciation and understanding of the culture of a place. Any teacher can tell you that learning by doing is a key educational concept; the same applies for food and wine holidays in Tuscany. Rather than simply observing local people perform the necessary work to produce their incredible cuisine and world class wines, people on Tuscan Way’s “Tuscan wine and food holidays” can actually participate in such processes.
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Travel in Tuscany Italy – Free Guide of Siena by Flashbooking

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Michele De Capitani

Freshly issued is the Free Pocket City Guide of Siena that contains, in just 9 printable pages, all the essential information and very good suggestions about this famous Italian and Tuscany Art City as its renown leather shops and flea markets, Museums, Academies and Art Galleries, budget Siena restaurants and cheap lodgings, classic itineraries in the Chianti Tuscany hills or in Florence, transports and a lot more. Free for anyone who wish to book and go and rich of colour pictures, the Siena Travel Pocket Guide is at your disposal in Flashbooking.


Siena’s cathedral, the Duomo, begun in the twelfth century, is one of the great examples of Italian romanesque architecture. Its main facade was completed in 1380. Its campanile and baptistry make a fine group.
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Terme Di Saturnia : A Real Fantasy In Maremma

Italy Travel Notes presents: Terme di Saturnia, the farmhouse locality of Tuscany is attracting the entire world with its single label as the healthy tourist spot. The features of this wonderful land are enough to add a refreshing experience to both your body and soul.

The nature, the food, the climate, and the aquatic flora and fauna- Terme di Saturnia is flourishing with the healthy natural elements. The farmhouses are surrounded by hilltops, providing an ideal opportunity for a healthy walk. The mountains are for those adventurous trekking activities. The pollution-free environment cleanses your lungs and improves the overall functioning of the body.

Terme di Saturnia is known for its agri-tourism, beautiful farmhouses and the wonderful natural beauty. The tranquil atmosphere makes it as the favorite destination for people from across the world. Terme di Saturnia has been chosen as the best center for relaxant treatments including the spa treatment.

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Siena, Italy – Medieval Life and Horse Racing

Italy Travel Notes presents: By rick chapo

Italy has many well-known travel destinations such as Rome. Less publicized destinations such as Siena are even better.



Located roughly an hour outside of Florence, Siena is one of my favorite places in Italy. When you think gothic architecture and medieval town, you think of Siena. Built as a fortified city behind large, thick walls on a small mountain, Siena oozes history. Cars are barred from much of the city, so you can meander down ancient brick alleyways below towering wall-to-wall residences.

In Siena, you`ll find a relaxed way of life, two music schools and just a general feel of what Italy must have been like in the past. Head to the Piazza del Campo in the heart of the city and grab a seat in a cafe. As you gaze across the city, you can view the Duomo Cathedral that towers over the city. Unlike other cities, the cathedral does not contrast with the buildings around it. All of Siena retains the gothic medieval architectural style and you`ll be hard pressed to find a better gothic example in Europe.
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Things to Do in Tuscany While You’re on Vacation

Italy Travel Notes presents: by James Hunt

So you’ve just arrived in Tuscany Italy and you are charmed by the land, the vineyards and beautiful rounded hilltops. This is a scene out of a fantasy novel to most of us. The sculpted land, outlined with moss covered castles and winding sandy roads. If you get the chance to travel to beautiful Tuscany located in the northern part of Italy, there are numerous things that you can do.

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Go Slow in Tuscany

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Shilpa Baliga

I was interested (and I must admit, a little surprised) to read recently that Italy is the European leader in organic farming. Living here in Tuscany, it`s clear that there is definitely a growing culture of farming and eating more organic food, but I somehow expected wealthier, seemingly more “progressive” countries (such as Germany) to rank more highly. Well, with more than one million hectares of land under organic management, and just under 45,000 organic farms in operation, Italy comes top of the list, followed by Germany and Spain ( Tuscany alone has over 2,300 organic farms which produce mainly olive oil, but also top-notch wines, cheeses, cereals, pulses and meat.

Some of these farms, known as “agriturismi”, rent out rooms , so you can enjoy a quiet stay and see how things are grown. Many let their guests pick fruit from their orchards, so you may be able to taste varieties of pear and apple that you`d never find in local Italian supermarkets, let alone in the UK. For the more adventurous, WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) offers people the chance to stay and work on organic and biodynamic farms. In general, for half a day`s work per day, you get bed and board and you can imagine how delicious the food is! Thick cannellini bean soups with parmesan shavings, schiacciata: a flat-bread pizza baked without toppings other than salt, rosemary and green olive oil, castagnaccio: a smoky chestnut flour cake, best enjoyed with fresh sheep`s milk ricotta and honey. Yum.
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Visiting Siena

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Orson Johnson

Siena is a city that is located in Tuscany, Italy. The historic center of Siena has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The main influences for this decision are the Duoma, Siena`s Cathedral and the Piazza del Campo. The Piazza del Campo is regarded as one of the most beautiful and breathtaking civic spaces in Europe.

The Piazza del Campo is the center square of Siena. It is a formation of the conjunction of the three hills on which the city was formed. The site was built in the 13th century and is considered to be one the greatest medieval squares in Europe. It is in this square that the famous Palio is held bi-annually.
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Florence, Italy – Of David and Such

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Richard Chapo

Often consider Rome Light, Florence is the city of the Medici and art galore. Despite this, there is an odd modern influence in this hallowed city.

When it came to the Renaissance, Florence was definitely one of the places to be. The city is full of examples of the past whether from great artist, architecture or significant sites. The city center dominates travel guides, but gardens and interesting sites can be seen by just strolling through the city.
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Ya Mule! Backpacking In Siena, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Rick Chapo

Ah, the glamour of backpacking through Europe. Of course, the glamour comes with a price as I found in Siena, Italy.


Siena is located an hour or so outside of Florence, Italy. My handy dandy guidebook suggested it was a side trip that just had to be made. A medieval structure located behind protective walls on the top of a hill. The central area was generally closed off to cars and it was a taste of true Italy. Who was I to argue?

As I sat on the train, I check my backpack for any excess weight. I had already discarded or sent home unnecessary items and was feeling pretty light on my feet. Next thing I knew, the train had stopped and I was standing on flat road next to a rolling hill covered in trees and homes. Siena proper was at the top.

Siena piazza del Campo
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