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Holiday Houses (case vacanza) in Elba island, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Roberto Tommarello

Located 12 miles away from the coastal town of Piombino, lies the beautiful island of Elba (popularly called isola d’Elba by Italians), Elba is an island that is rich in history, and is one of the most popular tourists destinations in Tuscany. Known for its fine sand beaches and fantastic weather, Elba has been visited by millions of tourists from the world over, in fact such is the demand for accommodation that there are numerous holiday homes (case vacanza in Italian) in Elba, that are available for families and couples to stay in.

Italy Travel Notes – Holiday Houses (case vacanza) in Elba island, Italy

Over the years easy access, and fantastic locales have made Elba flourish, and the tourism industry is now booming in Elba. Every year more and more people have started looking to Elba for not just tourism, but for its secluded beaches, and as a place for some R&R. One of the most striking features of tourism is the number of case vacanza Elba has to offer, located all over the island, these holidays homes have allowed more tourists to enjoy a comfortable stay, without having to pay an exorbitant amount on hotel and lodging fees. In fact the reason for the success of holiday homes is that unlike hotels or bed and breakfasts, a person can literally choose from a vast variety of locations, all over the island.
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