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Turin – the Undiscovered Jewel in Italy’s Crown

Italy Travel Notes presents: By David Leigh

While Turin is regarded as the industrial powerhouse of Italy, I absolutely defy anyone to fail to be delighted by the historic city centre.

One of the surprising things about Turin is that it has been so underdeveloped as a tourist destination to date, and until the advent of the 2006 Winter Olympics most people associated the city with the Shroud, perhaps Juventus football club, but little else.

That all may be about to change, as although the Olympics is well and truly over and no more than a distant memory to most inhabitants, the legacy of the games is one that could set Turin up to be one of Europe’s hot destinations.
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Sightseeing in Turin Italy – The Piazzas

Italy Travel Notes presents: By David Leigh

Almost everything you want to see in Turin is located right in the old city centre and as the area is relatively compact it is easy to do much of your sightseeing on foot. Much of Turin’s character comes from the many squares, known as piazzas in Italian, many of which are lined by arcades that provide cooling shade in the summer and shelter from the wind, rain and snow in winter.

Right in the centre of the city is Piazza Castello, a wide cobbled square that was commissioned by Carlo Emmanuele I and first designed by Ascanio Vitozzi in the 16th century. The square was the power base of the Dukes of Savoy where nowadays pedestrians, cars, buses and trams all vie for priority. The central point of the city, it is where Via Po, Via Roma and Via Garibaldi converge.
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Food and Drink in Italy – Turin Restaurants

Italy Travel Notes presents: By David Leigh

One of the great pleasures of visiting other countries is experiencing the local cuisine and Italy, the land of pizza and pasta, is naturally no exception.

Italian cooking is quite regional, with the local specialities a treat to find out, and so it is with Turin, which as well as having some excellent restaurants is much more affordable than many places, such as Rome, Paris or London.

Although pizza is enjoyed worldwide and is easy to find wherever you are in the world it is true that nothing can beat a real Italian pizza. I don’t know whether it is in the way they kneed the dough, the type of flour, the olive oil used or any other factor, but the thin crispy base and perfectly flavoured toppings never taste anywhere near as good as in Italy. Turin is no exception and there are dozens of pizza restaurants vying for your custom and all of them seem equally good as one another. If the weather is good then many restaurants have tables outside and if you are sightseeing then don’t forget the therapeutic power of half an hour watching the world go by while resting your feet.
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