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A Tourist Guide To Puglia

Italy Travel Notes presents:

Puglia is a region located on the East coast of southern Italy. It is often known as the heel due to Italy`s aerial view resemblance to a knee-high boot. Many past rulers from years ago have used this region for a base location to try and control both the Adriatic and Ionian seas. These days it is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful coastline and natural scenery.

Travelling There

Flying is the best option for getting there as the region three airports (Bari-Palese, Brindisi and Foggia). Good rail and road networks allow for frequent train and bus journeys. If you are arriving from Greece then the ferries to Bari and Brindisi are a good choice.

Accommodation Options

Puglia is a large region and so accommodation options are plentiful. Hotels, campsites and guesthouses are the norm but why not make your holiday a bit more of an experience and stay in a castle or a trullo that are found in the Alberobello area.
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