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Torino and Pisa in Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents: Apple Tree

Torino is located in the Po area in the northwest of Italy. It, with a population of 1.17 million, is the capital city of Piemonte. Also, Torino is an important center for industry, commerce and culture in Italy.

Torino is a famous city for its history. It was once the capital city of Lombardy Kingdom and Sardinia Kingdom. Until the year of 1865, it was still the capital of the Italy Kingdom. So this city owns a lot of historic sites of which the most famous is Madama palace built in the Middle Ages. During the Barocco time, many architects designed and built lots of fine buildings such as the palace, the castle, the villa, the city hall, the Cathedral, the Piazza San Carlo and so on for this city. The wood minaret of Antoneli which was built in the nineteenth century is still the symbol of this city up to now.

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