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Guide to Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy

Italy Travel by Karen Bryan

Unique Points Bergamo is a beautiful city, with a medieval hilltop old town. It is easily reached by Ryanair flights from Glasgow, London, Paris, Girona, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stockholm, making it an ideal short break destination. The airport is near the city and can be reached by regular buses, costing around one euro. The walled old town, reached by funicular, is well preserved. The Academia Carrera is said to be one of the best collections of art in Italy. The surrounding countryside is very beautiful; there are churches in many small villages with medival frescoes and paintings. Nearby is Lake Iseo, which has the largest lake island in Europe. The famous Valpolicella and Franciacorta wines are produced locally. North of the city are the Pre Alps and the Valle Brembana.

History of Bergamo
Bergamo is a real life tale of two cities: Bergamo Alta, the beautiful walled hilltop medieval city, and Bergamo Bassa, the lower city, built mainly at the beginning of the 20th century. Bergamo has long been acknowledged as a beautiful city. The 14th century Italian scholar, poet and humanist, Francesco Petrarca remarked, “I shall always remember the image of Bergamo, Italy’s alpine town.” This is praise indeed as Petrarch is regarded as one of Italy’s great scholars and a leading contributor the in the development of the Renaissance.
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