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The magnificence and charm of Genoa

Italy Travel Notes presents: By Tatyana Kogut

Genoa… From his high pedestal Christopher Columbus observes the sea, trying to find the place where, beyond thousands of miles, there lays his greatest discovery and the lands of Central and South America. Genoa citizens solicitously keep the memory of their great compatriot: still, you can find the house in which Columbus was born and where he spent his life and there are always fresh flowers by the foot of the monument.

Italy Travel Notes – The magnificence and charm of Genoa

Lagoon is the favourite place for the citizens where they can spend their free time, and if you come here in the evening, you will see an impressive sight: the full-length copy of the Columbus`s caravel is shining in the rays of searchlights. The lagoon was projected by talented architects: here`s one of the world`s biggest aquariums located, and ten steps further there is the skating rink that never melts, so you can see young men and women in beach outfits.
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