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Planning a Holiday in Rome, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents Matteo Cellini

DSC01553A RThe ‘Eternal City’ of Rome has a history dating back over 2500 years from the time the mythical Romulus and Remus are thought to have founded it after being brought up by a wolf. The city is on the banks of the River Tiber and lies between mountain ranges and the nearby Mediterranean Sea. Rome is the capital city of Italy and includes within its area the independent country state of the Vatican.

Rome is rather warm in summer and cool in winter. In fact, practically the whole country takes a holiday for 2 weeks in August, when a lot of establishments remain closed. Those travellers who like fewer crowds will enjoy this period, though a lot of services are minimal or lacking and weather is uncomfortable. 2 main airports service Rome and one main terminal rail station with 4 other smaller stations also brings in the travellers. Other options include the excellent road network and arrival by sea at the nearby port of Civitavecchia. Inside Rome the best means to get around is by foot, or using a cycle / scooter. Taking a bus is a good option and the metro comprising 2 lines as well as trams are available on select routes. Suburban rail lines are available on the outskirts of the city. Different kinds of prepaid passes for public transport are freely available.
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Learn 10 Secrets Your Friends Just Back From Rome Do Not Know!

Italy Travel Notes presents Cristiano Rubbi

* It’s 12 noon and you’re in Rome, but are you in the central part of Rome? If you are, chances are that you will hear the bang of the cannon shot being fired at this time every day on top of the Janiculum Hill. This is a tradition that goes back to January 1, 1847, when Pope Pius IX introduced it to ensure that all timepieces would be set on the same time.


* Haven’t you always taught children never to peep through a keyhole? You’ll be surprised if instead we suggest you peep through a keyhole… and then maybe you will do the same with your children. We believe you will agree with us if you simply follow our instructions: just wait for the sunset, go up Aventine Hill in Rome, look for Giardino degli Aranci, or Orange Garden, and when it closes enjoy the glorious view of St. Peter’s Dome through the keyhole of the gate.
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Shopping Rome Tours

Italy Travel Notes presents Paolo Pedica

Many visitors to Rome plan to visit all the sights and never think about shopping much except for things they need to purchase or souvenir shops. Well, Rome is a popular hubbub of fashion with shops that you will not find in the touristy areas. A matter of fact you may not even find the shops at all.

Italy Travel

The best way to find all those quaint and unique shops around Rome is with a custom shopping tour. An expert shopper will be at your side taking you to all the shops that you wish to browse and purchase unique items you can only find in Italy or at least where you can find the original designer of those items you buy elsewhere.
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The Seven Hills of Rome – The Birth of a Myth

Italy Travel Notes presents Martina Celegato

There are a lot of monuments that we can admire going on a few days trip to Rome. Once in a lifetime even a short travel to Rome is obligatory.


If you have never been in the Eternal City, the advice is absolutely to start booking a room in one Rome hotel, so to be able to admire with your own eyes so many architectural beauties to leave breathless. In this section we will talk about the seven hills of Rome, one of the characteristics and one of the most famous tradition of this wonderful city.
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A Tour Through Rome With Angels Guiding Your Way

Italy Travel Notes presents Jeff Titelius

R7A great introduction to some of Rome’s most famous sights not to mention a lesson in navigation around the eternal city as well, the Angels and Demons Tour is a guided tour based on the highly acclaimed novel by Dan Brown. After searching for introductory tours of Rome during my European tour planning phase, I happened upon this one particular tour and thought it sounded like loads of fun not to mention the fact that it would be a great way to see the sights.

Do you dare to walk in the “Path of Illumination”? If so, then read on as this article recounts the tale as we too, followed in the footsteps of Robert Langdon as he set out on that mysterious and courageous journey guided by angels and demons to save the kidnapped Cardinals not to mention the Vatican from impending doom. So our tour too was to be guided by the same angels and demons.
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A Perpetual Symbol – Rome’s Coliseum

Italy Travel Notes presents Edward Gray

One of the most notable destinations of travelers and tourists who pass by Rome is the Coliseum. Rome’s Coliseum is situated in what is often referred to as the “Centro Historico” of the city. If you want to visit the area, you can access it by taking a bus, the metro subway station, a car, or just by walking. If you reach the Stazione Termini of Rome, you will just have to take a 15-minute walk to this prime spot.


Basically, the Coliseum or “colloseo” was constructed during the time of the Emperor Vespasian. His reign was a decade after that of Nero’s and the historic “Great Fire” during 64 A.D. Apparently, the primary purpose for the establishment of this ancient architecture was to create a public center for Roman life after the rapid depreciation of Roman cultural development at that time. Initially, the coliseum was named as “The Flavian Amphitheater”, as a tribute to the ancestors of then Emperor Vespanian.
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It’s Better to Walk Than Drive in Rome

Italy Travel Notes presents Danielle Russo

If you’re trying to decide on whether to book a bus or walking tour around Rome, this can be a difficult decision (especially when traveling with the elderly or children). Many tourists begin to plan by searching for driving tours of Rome. While you may have the idea of sitting comfortably in a bus and taking in the sites as you drive by, Rome is definitely not a city where this is possible without having to stop and explore on foot. If your goal is to see Rome in depth, you must be ready to walk. Rome’s narrow streets and cobblestone roads reflect the city’s time line which is over 2000 years old. Most alleys and roads are just too tight for a car to even get through, so just imagine a large tour bus!

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Regardless of the above, there still are companies that offer bus tours of Rome. However, the usual bus tour will work as follows: An early pick up at the hotel is scheduled. The bus will then head towards the historic center while a guide explains a few historical facts in two or even three different languages (if you’re lucky, at least one of them will be spoken well). The driver will then try to pull over as close as possible to each of the monuments. Once pulled over, it is usually required to get off and walk towards the sites in order to access them.
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Be Sure to Visit St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City While in Rome, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents Jill Kammer

Any tourist to Rome will tell you that the attraction known as Basilica di San Pietro (in Italian) and St. Peter’s Basilica (in English) stands out as one of the best. In fact, there is so much to see at St. Peter’s, you could spend an entire day here and still want to come back again. Of the many buildings in Vatican City, St. Peter’s is one of the most popular and most frequently visited by tourists to Rome.


The popular lore says that Saint Peter is actually buried here but that legend is not backed up by evidence. The real history of the location of St. Peter’s Basilica is that it probably sits on the original Circus of Nero from the first century.
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Green Tourism in Rome With Rome Segway Tours

Italy Travel Notes presents Harrison Max

DSC01550A RRome is a unique city. It is a city where the modern and ancient intertwine. Arguably, Rome is best known for its ancient structures. Yet Rome is also home to some of the most renowned museums in the world. Rome day tours are ubiquitous. However, for a truly unique, distinctive, and environmentally friendly Rome sightseeing tour experience, the perfect choice is none other than a Segway tour of Rome.

The Colosseum held an almost unimaginable 50,000 spectators in its prime. It is the most famed of the key architectural sights to marvel at in Rome, along with the forum and the Circus Maximus. The Pantheon is similarly one of the essential attractions to explore. Created in 125 AD as a temple to the Roman gods, it is intensely striking.
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Tours – A Great Way to Explore Rome

Italy Travel Notes presents Roxanne Bridger

R4Ask anyone who’s spent time living in Rome what a modern day Roman is like, and they will probably say they are just like the city itself, warm, full of life and sometimes chaotic. With roughly about 3 million people living and working in Rome and around 8 million visitors annually, it can be a little overwhelming at first but a tour is a great way to explore a new place and find out fun facts such as so here are a few of the best tours Rome has to offer.

For those of you who are interested in the history of Rome, The Vatican Museums Private Walking Tour is a great place to start. As well as getting to skip the very long queues, you can also have your very own private tours, But you pay for the privilege with tickets starting at EUR75. You have the chance to see over 2000 rooms and 9 miles of the most extensive collection of art in the world by visiting the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and Raphael’s rooms. The Tours are available in English and with the fully trained tour guides on hand; you can almost guarantee there will be no questions they don’t know the answer to.
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