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Top 5 Romantic Travel Destinations in Rome That Will Leave You Breathless

By Nadine Sedillo

DSC01567B RWhether you are looking to rekindle your romance or hoping to get a perfect place to spend your honeymoon, there’s no better place to achieve your desires than Rome. Being the capital of Italy, Rome is considered as the love city. This is very true; love lurks behind every site, parks as well as the stunning Italian restaurants. So, which are the top five romantic travel destinations in Rome where you could take your partner for a stroll or pop the big question? Here are the top five recommended romantic travel destination that you can visit.

Villa D’Este. One of the best places to visit in Italy is Villa D’Este. This place is just half an hour outside Rome in a town called Tivoli. It harbors stunning 400 fountains and a large stone structured building. It’s one of the top romantic sceneries you would see in movies or read about in books. It represents as a perfect place to pop the big question to your fiancĂ©.
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Looking For a Cheap Flight to Rome?

Italy Travel Notes presents Andrew H

A trip to Europe would not be complete without a trip to the Eternal City of Rome. Rome is one of those places that you will not get the feel of until you get there. No matter how many movies you see that are set in Rome, or how much studying you do about the history of the city, you will not feel what Rome is about until you step foot off that plane. If you are looking for a cheap flight to Rome, now is a really great time to start shopping!


There is more to see in this one city than most countries have to offer. In fact, the city of Rome has another country located within its walls – the Vatican. Your first stop should be St. Peter’s Basilica, whether you are Catholic or not. The immense courtyard will astound you, as you look around and realize how much of our history has come out of those walls.
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Want to See Museums in Your Tour of Rome? Here Are 8 Musts!

Italy Travel Notes presents Cristiano Rubbi

Museo Nazionale Romano – Crypta Balbi (Roman National Museum – Crypta Balbi). Opened only a few years ago, this museum is particularly impressive because it provides a reconstruction of the general background as well as the daily life of the ancient Romans. It is divided in three sections and each contributes to the general picture with archaeological findings of all kinds and with plastic models of dwellings and other structures. The whole exhibition covers a span of time down to the Middle Ages.

DSC01566A R

Musei Capitolini (Capitoline Museums). Suppose you are in Rome and you wish to visit a museum exhibiting some of the art treasures that you have always wanted to see, where would it be best for you to go? The answer is extremely simple. Take your pick. Rome has been called an open-air museum, with so many ancient buildings, monuments and archaeological remains to be admired everywhere around the city that you have an embarrassingly wide choice. However, if you are near the Capitoline Hill, we suggest you pay a visit to the Capitoline Museums. They are a complex of buildings hosting a fantastic collection of Egyptian, Greek and, above all, Roman sculptures, Roman artefacts, such as jewels and medals, as well as other works of art, including a bronze equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, which was restored in recent years.
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Touring the Shorelines from Civitavecchia to Rome

Italy Travel Notes presents Paolo Pedica

DSC01559A RThere are many ways on how you can enjoy and even get to Rome. The shore excursions from Civitavecchia to Rome prove to be one of them. In fact, it has become one of the most important ports, as it invites more and more passengers every year.

The shore excursions from Civitavecchia to Rome will usually start at the northern and farther portion of Rome. It is basically at least 1.5 hour’s drive from the capital. However, because of the comprehensive transport system, with wide highways and fast trains, it’s not going to be a very long wait for you. It also intersects the road leading to the Fiumincino, a Roman airport.
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Let’s Go Back to Ancient Rome!

Italy Travel Notes presents Paolo Pedica

DSC01526Rome has so much to offer to the world, not only by the various pieces of art and its massive and intricate architecture. Its history also speaks a lot of how great Rome is even before.

Roman Art

The arts of ancient Rome can be compared to those of the Greek’s. They do have their similarities. This can be attributed to the fact that when the Romans decided to conquer the Greeks, the former noticed how art was infused into the lifestyle of the latter. Out of curiosity and love for Greek art, Roman soldiers decided to bring such culture right at their own land. They also brought artists-slaves with them. Thus, if you will take a good look Ara Pacis, you will notice the fancy swirls, which are so Greek. Romans are also fond of creating portraitures and busts of famous persons. However, unlike the Greeks who love to dwell on the ideals of their artwork, the Romans were more focused on their design and technical aspects.
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A Quieter Place To Reserve Rome Hotels: The Vatican Surrounding Area

Italy Travel Notes presents Paola Lo Russo

Have you decided to spend your Holidays in Rome? Are you a traveller on you own? Did you decide to pack your stuff and leave in search of some inspiration or just to relax your mind by looking at something that centuries ago inspired superior minds such as Bramante, Bernini and Michelangelo? Well, then welcome to Rome.


If you’re just looking for a quieter place to stay in Rome (Italy), the Vatican surrounding area is the one in which you should start looking for an accommodation. Whether if you prefer Rome apartments or Rome hotels, this quiet yet wonderful area will be able to suit your needs perfectly.
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A Trip to Paradise – Rome Italy, City One of One Thousand We Will Visit

Italy Travel Notes presents Misty Jones

It is a city, it is a dream, it is a memory of seemingly unlimited and unending power. It is history itself. It defines the word “empire.” The Eternal City. Roma. Rome.

One of the guidebooks claims that one can turn any corner in Rome and run into “something beautiful and unexpected that was placed there centuries ago, apparently in the most casual fashion.” This is not hyperbole, it is literally true.


The legend is that if you throw a coin into the Trevi fountain, in the heart of the city, you will someday return. The fact that the bottom of the fountain is each day covered anew with coins demonstrates that visitors hope to come back to this place that represents so much of civilization’s past. Only the New World countries have a history that was not directly shaped by the people of this city. But even most of the inhabitants of the Americas came from countries, which, themselves, bore the indelible stamp of the Roman Empire, which, for centuries, ruled most of the then-known world.
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Where to Stay And What To Eat in Rome

Italy Travel Notes presents Art Sarkissoff

It is heartening to note that Rome is home to several classes of hotels that suit every budget. It is up to you to choose the type or the class of hotel to stay during your getaway to Rome with your family. It is important to choose the right location of the hotel too since they are available right at the center of the city or near wonderful landmarks of Rome. If you can choose a hotel near notable landmarks of the city then you can save a lot of money on traveling by the public transport system or any other vehicle for that matter.

DSC01569A R

As a matter of fact the area near the central railroad station is laden with many affordable hotels to stay. If you are averse to traffic in the busy central areas of Rome, then you can choose less-traffic areas of Rome such as Via Veneto, Piazza Barberini or Salaria. These are some of the places that are free from traffic. If you are a busy shopper then you have many other places in Rome to find inexpensive hotels or holiday apartments to stay. The area between Piazza di Spagna and Via del Corso are characterized by the presence of affordable hotels and holiday apartments to rent.
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Affordable Rome Hotels

Italy Travel Notes presents Alex Henderson

DSC01555A RAlthough Rome is a city of great opulence, it is still fairly easy to get good deals on hotel rooms in this capital of Rome. Whether you prefer to stay in the Modern Center where most shopping and dining places are, the Old Rome where you’re surrounded with beautiful cathedrals, the Vatican, or Colosseo, there are cheap hotels that you can stay at.

The Modern Center is an excellent place to look for cheap hotels in Rome, Italy. This is the city’s hub of activity and is a home to a huge assortment of hotels including the Hotel Cortorillo Rome, Hotel Malu Rome and Hotel Rubino Rome. All these budget hotels offer rates starting at 40-50. This is a good place to stay when you’re in Rome despite the fact that most of the historic places that tourists visit are not situated in this place.
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Things to Do in Rome For Kids

Italy Travel Notes presents Cath Andrews

Rome is a great city. It’s vibrant, buzzy, full of life and absolutely heaving with history. There are activities in Rome for everyone. Adults love it. Couples love it. Students love it.

But what about kids?


You’ll find some guide books which tell you that Rome is no place for children. It can be overwhelmingly hot, the historical treasures that adults love can be tedious for young ones, walking round ruins and churches is tiring for little legs and the cobbled streets can be hard on small feet.
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