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Property Hot Spots – Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents: David Redfern

Think of Italy and you’re most likely to think of its love affair with fashion and fast cars than a second home in the sun. Outstanding cuisine, delicious wines, stunning countryside and a rich cultural heritage all still figure but the eternally stylish nation has been more often than not a leader not a follower when it comes to property trends. Until now that is.

Italy Travel Notes – Property Hot Spots - Italy

Casting off its underdog status in the last few years, Italy is rapidly usurping traditional favourites like Spain and France with its eclectic range of state of the art villas and dilapidated country houses ripe for restoration.

A Tuscan Tale (Of Caution)

The well trodden path from Tuscany is an immediate favourite for first time house hunters eager to enjoy familiar creature comforts. Fulled by a thousand postcard images, it’s already a challenge to find an apartment or villa well matched to a modest investment budget. The canny bargain hunter should instead look to the east and venture into the lush countryside of Umbria. Only an hour or so from Florence by train, Umbria is an area largely unspoilt and un-chartered by foreign buyers.
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Italy Hotels For Sale And How To Buy Them

DoDo Johnson

Italy is one of the busy and beautiful European countries and has a vast coastal line on the sea. It is all surrounded by Alps Mountain in the north, Adriatic Sea on the east, Ionian and Mediterranean Sea on the west. The culture and history of Italy attracts people from all over the worlds towards Italy and is most popular tourist destination in Europe. The demand for stay in Italy is thus continuously growing and has a good scope for hotel business in the country. There are some beautiful cities in the country and you will find a number of hotels for sale in Italy.


Italy is not only world automobile hub but it is also famous for fashion, food and its architectural styles. It is also associated with the holy place Vatican. People from all around the world visit Vatican and Italy and Italy has a lot of more to show the world and therefore a good tourist destination. Italy hotels for sale are offered to the people and are therefore a good investment opportunities for many of us. The hotels in coastal cities or around the holy place are in much demand and the expected demand for these hotels will also grow in feature.
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Tips And Tricks To Ensure Your Success With Real Estate In Italy

Shana Shane

Are you looking for some inside information on Real Estate In Italy? Here’s an up-to-date report from Real Estate In Italy experts who should know.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.


Introduction:- Italy is a stunning nation, with beautiful lakes, mountains, and ancient cities that are teeming with history. Italy is known as a very romantic nation, with plenty of romantic appeal. Italy also boasts a perfect climate with warm waters that are graced by the Mediterranean Sea. The visual appeal throughout Italy is something that simply cannot be denied. Italians are also warm and exotic.
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Italy Property – Guide to Buying a Property in Italy

By Les Calvert


The Italian Property Market

An increasing number of foreign nationals have taken to purchasing real estate in Italy over the course of the past fifteen years. The increase in real estate purchases in Italy by foreign nationals really took off following the integration of Europe into the EU. With the advent of the European Union, more and more foreign nationals began purchasing different types of real estate within Italy. This included commercial, residential and speculative investment purchases by foreign nationals.

The vast majority of foreign nationals who have taken to purchasing and owning real estate in Italy are from within one or another of the European Union nations. With that said, British investors have been particularly active in buying and investing in real estate in Italy during the past five to ten years.
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Buying Property in Italy – A Guide

By Andrew Faulkner

Think of Italy, and you think of pizza and pasta, wonderful opera, the Renaissance, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, breathtaking architecture, the lakes, glorious sunshine, friendly, passionate people, the Italian Riviera, fine wine, captivating beach resorts and of course, the great Italian cities of Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan, Turin and so much more besides.

Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe with all of the seasons having their own unique attractions. In summer, Italy is an international playground, with visitors from all over the world. Spring comes early while autumn lingers and brings balmy days until late in the year. In winter, the Italian Alps are unsurpassed for spellbinding scenery and first class skiing. In northern Italy you’ll find some of the world’s most renowned winter sports resorts, and skiing is also a summer sport in the Torino Alps and the towering mountains surrounding the Valle d’Aosta.
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