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Enjoying the Foods of Italy

By Mike Romano

There is little doubt that food lovers will thoroughly enjoy a trip to Italy because of the marvelous dishes that are a part of the country. Food is as much a part of the culture of Italy as the stunning art work and the wine. The relaxed and laid back atmosphere in Italy makes it the perfect place to eat great foods the way they should be enjoyed.


The foods in Italy are specialties of the particular region of the country that you find yourself. There is no country with a greater diversity of cuisines native to the area than Italy. Some of the cooking practices have been passed down through the generations and continue to add to the flavor of this wonderfully diverse country.
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I Love Italian Wine And Food- Vino Novello (new Wine)

Italy Travel Notes presents: By: Levi Reiss

We interrupt our series on the wines of Italy’s twenty regions to present a very timely subject, Vino Novello, Italy’s version of New Wine. Once a year, starting in early November, Italy releases Vino Novello, to the delight of many, and to the eternal disappointment of many others. We describe New Wine, in particular the Italian version, and then taste locally available samples. Will you be delighted or disappointed with the 2006 offering? After reading this article, rush to your favorite wine store and sample the wines. Whether you are delighted or not, you probably will have fun.


What is exactly is new wine (vino novello in Italy; vin nouveau, often Beaujolais nouveau in France)? New wine is the first of the crop, released in early November. The exact date depends on the country. In 2006, Italy permitted the sale of Vino Novello on November 6th, beating France, the major player in the new wine market, by a full 10 days.
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I Love Italian Wine And Food – Reviewing The Whites

Italy Travel Notes presents: By: Levi Reiss

I recently finished a wine tour of Italy’s twenty administrative regions, briefly describing each region prior to tasting a representative wine with food, and at least one imported Italian cheese. I enjoyed the experience so much that I plan to repeat it, but only after doing something similar for France and perhaps a few other countries. I am happy enough with Italian wine to continue to drink it for the rest of my days, but there are other wine-producing countries out there, and other wines to drink. I am going to give you a bit of a report on the white wines I encountered on this wine tour, but only after a quick summary of Italian white wines, as if such an endeavor was possible. Look for a similar article on Italian red wines.

You wouldn’t be alone if you immediately think red when the subject of Italian wine is raised. In spite of extreme variations in climate, soil, elevation, and other geographical conditions, every single one of Italy’s twenty regions produces white wine. Of course the percentage varies widely from 84% in the central region of Latium to 9% in the southern region of Calabria. Many of the best-known Italian white wines come from northern Italy.
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