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The Best Things to See and Do in Bologna

Italy Travel Notes presents Dennis C Wilson

Bologna in Italy is an amazing city; everywhere you look is like taking a look into history. There is simply just so much to do in Bologna, it makes it hard to know where to start. This city is a historic landmark for many different things. If you enjoy seeing the buildings that have had a huge impact on our history, then Bologna may be the perfect place for you!

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It is home to some very important historic buildings. But if you think that’s all that’s there, then you’re sadly mistaken, because it is also the home to many other activities. This city is known for many things, but today we’re talking about the overall best activities to do while you’re visiting Bologna.
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Visiting Bologna, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents Denise Weiss

With a 2009 population of 377,000, Bologna is located in the Po Valley in the Northern part of Italy. Bologna is one of Italy’s most modern, lively, cosmopolitan cities, while at the same time it boasts the oldest University in Europe, the University of Bologna, which was established in 1088.

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Bologna sustained considerable bomb damage in 1944, but fortunately much rich heritage remains in Baroque, Medieval and Renaissance styles. The historic center is second in size only to Venice, and the amount of historic monuments will keep any tourist fascinated at length.
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Miracle of Saint Catherine of Bologna

Italy Travel Notes presents Bob Lord

Saint Catherine of Bologna

From Visionaries, Mystics and Stigmatists

Perhaps, one of the greatest Miracles is the in-corrupt body of our Saint, seated on a regal throne in a Chapel to the left of the main altar in the Church of Corpus Domini in Bologna.

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It remains intact, never having decomposed for over five hundred years!

In the beginning, after they realized they could not place her body in the grave, four nuns would carry Saint Catherine’s body to the parlor on a wooden stretcher, every time visitors came to view the body, or the faithful wanted to venerate the Saint.
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Exploring The Beauty And Charm Of Bologna

Italy Travel Notes presents Igor G. S

Italy TravelBologna is often bypassed by tourists for the more popular destinations of Rome, Venice and Florence. However, this city is a must-see when you are visiting Italy.

You simply cannot afford to miss this gem of a sight which Italians consider to be second only to Venice when it comes to beauty and charm. Those who like to explore superb cultural, historical and architectural attractions without the mass tourism should definitely consider visiting Bologna.

Moreover, it is a city famous for delicious cuisine, making it a haven for visiting foodies.
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Car Hire Guide to Bologna Airport

Italy Travel Notes presents Eamonn Turley

Italy TravelBologna Airport is alternately referred to as the Guglielmo Marconi International Airport. This airport is a mere 6 kilometers from the city center. The Bolognia Airport also covers the nearby cities of Borgo Panigale, Lame, Lippo and Saffi, and Bargellino. The airport is indeed a highly modern one and is complete all the facilities that an air traveler may need. It is composed of two big terminals that are serviced by shuttle buses.

Bologna Airport is third in ranking as far as importance and size is concerned. It is Italy’s third biggest airport that has the capability to serve as many as 20 million travelers every year. Bologna Airport lies in the northern part of Italy, right at the region of Emili-Romagna. Once you get to Bologna, the first things that you’ll notice are the red brick structures and the unique architectures of the city, as showcased by the attractive terracotta roofs and the very rich history that comes with it. Drive over to Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nuttuno as you explore this rather interesting town. These two are the most notable parks in the vicinity. Don’t miss the Neptune’s Fountain as well and the Palazzo Comunale town hall. There are also Italy’s historic twin towers to venture out to, namely the Torre degli Garisenda and Torre degli Asinelli.

Plan well your trip to this part of Italy. The city of Bologna requires every traveler to make some serious preparation so that they can make the most of their vacation. Tourists are encouraged to hire a minivan while in town so they can explore the city in its fullest. Sedans and 4×4’s are going to be good choices too. On the other hand, if you are businessman, you can settle for the luxury cars that are also readily available for you. Choices may include an Accord, a BMW sports car, or a Benz. With these flashy cars, you’ll surely get to your meetings just in time. Car rental companies that services Bologna are Budget, Alamo, Dollar, Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, and Sixt, among others. Hire a car from any one of them or consult with their respective web partners in order to make sure that you’ll have the best vacation ever in Bologna.

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Bologna Process: What Does It Mean?

Italy Travel Notes presents Yana Mikheeva

The process involves new requirements for degree and transcripts. In accordance with the ECTS (European Credit Accumulation and Transfer System), a bachelor’s degree can be obtained only for three years. That’s why business schools should prepare themselves to treat European three-year education at the same level with American four-year one.


However, European education should not be put on a stage with Indian BComm, which is not equivalent to bachelor’s degree and requires further preparation for admission to a business school. In addition, this year prepares changes in requirements for transcript.
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Bologna Travel Guide

Italy Travel Notes presents Matthew Talbot

Italy TravelBologna

Ducati, Lamborghini, Ferrari and the La Cucina Bolognese are some of the reasons why most people keep on coming back to Bologna. A city between the Po and the Reno rivers, Bologna boasts of the oldest university of the Western world, the University of Bologna, founded as the Studio in 1088. Although it is not as popular to foreign visitors, Italians who carry the Eurail pass always find the opportunity to visit the place filled with Italy’s historical and cultural past.

History Of Bologna

With inhabitants traced during the Bronze Age, Bologna was said to be founded at 534 BC and was named Felsina. Its importance declined but was revived during the 5th century under Bishop Petronius. When it stood against Frederick Barbarossa, the city grew more during the 11th century. Upon the promulgation of the Paradise Law in 1256, feudal serfdom was abolished and slaves were freed. By the 15th century, Bologna reigned as the city of art with the presence of prominent architects and painters. It was also in this period where women were allowed to excel in their chosen fields, something that is unique among Italian cities. Several events occurred in the city, including its bombing during World War II, but it remained as Italy’s historical center.

Things To Do In Bologna

If all you can think about Bologna is food, then maybe you are right. Bologna has several places to visit that have something to do with food tasting and food preparation. The Bologna Cooking School, located about a kilometer away from the center of the city, is a real Bolognese home cooking school. Then there is the Amici de Babette Cooking School where you can learn to cook Bologna’s traditional foods. A walking distance from the city is Cook Italy by Carmelita, the longest and most established cooking school in Bologna. It is a market-to-table cooking class where you start by shopping around for the ingredients that you will be cooking thereafter. Another is Taste of Italy and Italian Days Food Experience. Both experiences are fit for the foodie in you. But if cooking is not your thing, you can have a museum visit at the Museo Internazionale de Biblioteca della Musica, the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna or the Museo Civico e dal Rinascimento. Or you can take pictures at the Santuario di Madonna di San Luca, where you need to walk four kilometers up the hill just to get there. The Basilica de San Domenico and Santo Stefano offer religious architectural experience. And for those who want to experience the panoramic view of Bologna, you can take the 498 steps up the Towers of the Asinelli and Garisenda. As you soak in the unforgettable breathtaking view of the city, you will promise yourself that you’ll come back again.

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Bologna – Things to See and Do

Italy Travel Notes presents Lek Boonlert

Italy TravelFor some strange reason, the fabulously historic northern Italian city of Bologna is much-loved by Italian visitors, but lacks much attention from tourists arriving from other parts of the world. Those that do make it here will be thrilled with its beautiful setting on two rivers in the Po Valley, its carefully-preserved ancient quarter crammed with heritage buildings great and small, and its famous local cuisine. Its Italian visitors, of course, are equally thrilled their favourite city hasn’t yet been wrecked by hordes of foreign tourists and are hoping the invasion won’t happen!

The first settlement on the site of the modern city was made almost 3,000 years ago, in a fertile part of the valley set at the foot of the Apennine mountain ranges and watered by the Po River as well as the Rena and Savena waterways, which now run thought the city. Bolonga is home to the world’s oldest university, founded almost a thousand years ago and is an important artistic and cultural hub recently recognised by UNESCO as a ‘City of Music’.
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Bologna, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents Hannah Rollmaker

Italy TravelVisitors to Italy will find the city of Bologna to be a pleasant place to pass their vacation time in. You will find this city is the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region which lies in the Po Valley. The city which is situated in Northern Italy can be found lying between the Reno River and that of the Savena River. Exploring the city of Bologna will reveal to you are city which has a rich culture, history and all of the amenities which makes visiting this city a pleasure to the senses.

As you arrive in Bologna you will see a number of interesting places that you can visit. There will also be parks, fountains statues that you can look at. In order to see all of these sights you may want to become better acquainted with the city and its sights. To help you relax from your long trip you may want to relax in one of the city’s many parks. Many of the parks you will find in Bologna today used to be private gardens which used belong to the nobles of the city.
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A Taste of Bologna

Italy Travel Notes presents Carolyne Kauser-Abbott

Italy TravelWarning! This article has nothing to do with the horrible sandwich meat.

After fighting rush-hour congestion, some GPS misinformation, tiny crowded streets and a retail strip thronged with groups strolling on a Saturday evening – There is something immediately soothing to hear “buonasera signora”!

That is how the visit to Bologna began. Arrival on a Saturday, at the height of late-day shopping and the start of the “apero” (cocktail) time, was an adventure. However, once settled in the very centrally located Hotel Metropolitan, a city map in hand and some restaurants suggestions, we ventured out into the crowded streets. Bologna is located in Northern Italy, it is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region. Bologna was called Felsina in the time of the Etuscans and later renamed Bononia under the Romans. Bologna is home to the oldest university in the world, which dates back to the 1088. Today Bologna continues to have a strong student population.
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