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Visiting Sorrento

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Orson Johnson

Italy hosts a number of small cities; one among them is the city of Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. There are many historical places in the world, but few are like Sorrento. There is much evidence of the ancient Greek and Roman influence in the architecture of Sorrento and this has been preserved in the development of the town.

Photograph by RayDS

Many of the older sights have been well preserved and even with the advances of modern living, the roots of the past are still evident throughout this wonderful city. In essence, Sorrento is a gateway between the past and the present. It has been a place that has been the source of philosophy and technology combined.
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A Taste of Italy: Naples and Sorrento

Italy Travel Notes presents:

We know Italy is really two countries in one and to experience a real taste of Italy Naples and Sorrento are your destinations.


Naples is a city with a reputation, and not a very good reputation. For many some words that come to mind when thinking about Naples include unmentionables like dirty and crime infested. While these descriptions may be true, it is also true that Naples is a very colorful city. Yes crime is a problem, but you will be fine if you employ just a little common sense.

Italy Travel Notes – A Taste of Italy: Naples and Sorrento

Photograph by Trey Ratcliff

Naples is all about truth. When in Naples you won’t get that odd tourist feeling like you get in some of Italy’s other cities. Naples is about living. It’s people can be a bit gruff, but are also a heck of lot more colorful than you find elsewhere throughout the country. It’s also been said you get in trouble in Naples, all you need do is bring up the subject of soccer and you’ll suddenly have friends for life.
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