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Amalfi Coast Travels: A day in Praiano

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Christina Vlahova

Praiano might not be the most beautiful town on the Amalfi coast (Costiera Amalfitana) with the competition it faces from the world renown Positano and Amalfi, which has actually given the name of the entire coastline, but it still carries the typical relaxed and full of bright colours atmosphere of one of the most beautiful coastlines in Italy.

And its strategic location allows you to enjoy the entire cost, reach every place you would like to visit and yet have upscale and affordable accommodation, while enjoying some of the best sea-food you have ever tried. And here is how:

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Amalfi Coast Overview

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Orson Johnson

Amalfi, in the province of Salerno, in Italy, lies surrounded by cliffs and coasts. It is quite close to Naples, and shares with that town some dramatic history, and beautiful scenery. Amalfi is the major town on that part of the coast, called costiera Amalfitana, and as such has become an essential tourist destination (and is justly famous for its Limoncello liqueur).

Photograph by RayDS

The Amalfi Coast is very rich in Caves, grottoes, and even a little fjord, created by water erosion, which is a testament to the Amalfi Coast’s maritime history. The area all around Amalfi was once an independent state, and its economy was based upon shipping. Sadly, little of this remains, and only the fantastic Cathedral of Amalfi is testament to the immense importance of what is now only a small coastal community.

Tourists to the area should definitely pay the Cathedral a visit, if only due to the fact that it is made up of two churches, linked by a specially widened nave. During repairs to the church, its Byzantine style front was re-discovered, and it was decided to preserve this instead of the 18th century front that had previously been there (A good choice, the original church front is a truly amazing sight).
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One Of The Best European Honeymoon Destinations Is The Villa Le Scale In Capri, One Of The Most Romantic Hotels In Europe

Italy Travel Notes presents:

The Villa le Scale on Capri has been often voted as one of the very best European honeymoon destinations, and from my own experience it is not only all of that, it is also in the top 10 romantic hotels in Europe.


Capri in the summer is not for the faint hearted, and the hustle and bustle is quite overwhelming, but the second we went through the gates we were immediately in an oasis of calm and total luxury. I also loved the way the crowds on the street all stopped to look as the gates opened, it made me feel like a film star!!
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Videocast 2
Italy Travel Notes presents: the Amalfi Coast

Italy Travel Notes presents:

In the Italy Travel Notes second videocast we are going to discover the beauty and sunshine of the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana).

Videocast 2 Italy Travel Notes presents the Amalfi Coast

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More about the Amalfi coast:
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A Family Among Families: Fun On The Amalfi Coast

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Denise Hummel

The region of Campania in Italy is perhaps most well known for the Costiera Amalfitana [the Amalfi Coast] for its spectacular vistas, for Pompeii and other historical archeological sights, and for the city of Napoli, characterized by it’s cultural contradictions. More frequently than not, tourists flock to the Amalfi Coast for its romantic vistas and hotels and renown winding coastal drive in and around the fog-silhouetted hills and terraced crops of lemon trees. It is not often referred to as a family destination. Ironically, however, this area of Italy is truly one whose success has pivoted upon the strength of the families who live there. The willingness of the locals to share that family spirit is what made our trip there with our two young sons, among the more memorable of any of the Italian trips we have taken.

Italy Travel Notes – A Family Among Families: Fun On The Amalfi Coast

Photograph by RayDS

We traveled to the Amalfi Coast at the very cusp of the off-season, late March, and so missed the spring birth of the many incredible flora and vegetation of the region. But we also by-passed the intense crowds and traffic that bloom along with the flowers beginning right after Easter. This fortuitous timing also coincided with the “settimana santa,” the holy week preceding Easter. We thus experienced the pageantry of “giovedi santo” [Holy Thursday], including “Lavanda dei piedi” ‘[the washing of feet] symbolic of the day and the “Prossessione del SS.Sacramento alla Cappella della reposizione per l’adorazione.” The latter is a stunning and haunting procession intended to remember the betrayal of Christ. On that night, we followed the townspeople as they walked for hours up and over the hills of Ravello behind men dressed in white robes and hoods singing the dissident lamentations that mark the sadness of Christ’s tortuous journey.
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Introducing the Amalfi Coast (Costriera Amalfitana)

Italy Travel Notes presents:

If you are arriving at the Amalfi coast in a car and you reach Salerno, you turn right following the Amalfi coast signs and then right again and you are on it. From the highway you don`t really enter into Salerno itself and only after you get on the Amalfi drive you can see on your left how huge and wide-spread along the coast the city actually is.

And what is ahead of you is the picturesque, winding coastal drive between the sea and the mountain, where so many car advertisements have been shot. You do have the blue sea down below on one side and the climbing lemon tree gardens on the other. And depending when you go to the Amalfi coast and the colour combinations change and from the turquoise blue of the water to the yellow of the lemons to the lush green on the hills. Just like the designs you find on the hand painted ceramics this region is famous for.

Italy Travel Notes – Introducing the Amalfi Coast (Costriera Amalfitana)
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