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Southern Italy – Campania Region

Italy Travel Notes presents Yamila Fonseca Rosales

DSC01588A RCampania is a region in southern Italy. The capital is Napoli also known as Naples. It is considered the second capital of Italy. Its geographic position makes it one of the best destinations for tourist, not to mention the archeological treasures it holds.

Most parts of this region are characterized by the presence of many mountains. Masses of volcanic origin can be found on the coastline. The archipelago is composed of the major islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. There are other minor isles which are Vivara and Nisida connecting between each other and to the mainland.
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Holidays in Caserta, Campania, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents Phil Hanlon

Caserta is the name of a province in the north of the Campania region, and also the name of its capital city. This small area is mainly residential, though it has one major tourist attraction that is popular with Italians and foreigners alike; the opulent Royal Palace of Caserta and its spectacular gardens. If you enjoy history, art or walking in beautiful natural surroundings, then the Royal Palace will have something that you will enjoy.

Royal Palace of Caserta

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The Royal Palace of Caserta was one of the world’s largest buildings when it was constructed in the 18th century for the Bourbon kings of Naples, and its scale is still impressive today. It was inspired by the Palace of Versailles in Paris, and tourists who have been lucky enough to see both will recognise similarities between the two. The palace has over 1,200 rooms, though not all are open to the public, including two-dozen staterooms for social events, a large library, and a theatre modelled on the famous Teatro San Carlo in Naples. The grounds are not just home to the luxurious residence, however, as there was a silk production factory locate din what was once the hunting lodge, an attempt by the then King to establish fair working conditions and pay for his subjects.
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Campania Fountains – The Choice of the New Generation

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Holidays in Cilento, Campania, Italy

Italy Travel Notes presents Phil Hanlon

Cilento is a popular tourist area in southern Italy, located to the southeast of the famous Amalfi Coast. Although perhaps not as well-known as its neighbour, the beaches of the Cilento region are just as beautiful as the Amalfi, and are usually a little quieter in the summer months too. The Cilento region is one of contrasts; in one day you could be walking through forests, where some of the last wild wolves in Europe live, exploring impressive Roman ruins in the home of Cicero and Virgil, and finally stretching out on a sunny beach and maybe going for a dip in the sea.

Roman heritage

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There are Roman ruins and remains to be found throughout the Cilento region, but some of the most impressive are in the town of Velia. Home to Virgil and Cicero, two of the most recognisable names from Roman history, the excavated town now lies exposed on a hillside outside the modern settlement. The best preserved building here is the baths, where visitors can still see many of the original decorative tiles, while an arched gate dating from the 6th century BC is still standing. The nearby town of Paestum is one of the main attractions in Cilento for history buffs, with a fine collection of well-preserved Roman and Greek buildings, including three temples, and is classified a World Heritage Site. By now, the kids are probably fed up of looking at piles of rock, so why not take them to Castelcivita caves near Paestum. The mile-long path takes you through caves dotted with underground features, boating intriguing names such as the crocodile hall and the lemon room.
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Have a Taste of Delicious Italian Wine in Campania Region

Italy Travel Notes presents Pollux Parker

Are you looking for a place to taste one of the finest wines in Italy? If you are, then you might wan to consider going to the Campania region, located at the south of Italy on Tyrrhenian Sea. This place is home to around 5.8 million, making the region the second most populated place in the entire Italy.

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The most known city in this region is the beautiful city of Naples. Aside from Naples, the Campania region is also the region where you will find other equally beautiful cities such as Sorrento and the ancient city Pompeii. In addition, the region is also home to an estimated 10,000-acre of grapevines. This makes Campania as the number nine region with highest production of wine among the 20 Italian wine producing regions. Its yearly wine production is estimated at 52 million gallons. Around 64% of Campania’s wine production is red or rosé wine while the remaining 36% is for white wine.
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Naples, Italys 3rd Largest City

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Douglas Scott

Naples, Napoli in Italian, is the third most-populated city in Italy and the biggest city in Southern Italy. Its close proximity to many interesting sites, such as Pompeii and the Bay of Naples, makes it a good base.

Photograph by Trey Ratcliff

Naples is a lively and vibrant city, full of wonderful historical and artistic treasures and narrow, winding streets with small shops, making it worth at least a few days visit. The name comes from the Greek Neapolis meaning new city.

Set around the beautiful bay of Naples and lying in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, . One of Europes most densely populated cities, it is chaotic, overcrowded, dirty and noisy. And yet this is part of its unique charm.

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Discover Capri

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Capri is positioned off the Sorrentine Peninsula. On the south side of the Gulf of Naples, it has been a celebrated beauty spot and resort since the time of the Roman Republic. The features are a litany of postcard views: the Marina Piccola (Small Harbor), the Belvedere of Tragara, which is a high panoramic promenade lined with villas, the limestone masses that stand out of the sea (the “Faraglioni”), Anacapri, the Blue Grotto (“Grotta Azzurra”).


Arrival Plane The Naples Capodichino Airport offers connections to all Italian cities and major European destinations with traditional or low-cost airline companies. From the airport the Alibus shuttle service takes you directly to the port of Naples.
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Amalfi Coast Travels: A day in Praiano

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Christina Vlahova

Praiano might not be the most beautiful town on the Amalfi coast (Costiera Amalfitana) with the competition it faces from the world renown Positano and Amalfi, which has actually given the name of the entire coastline, but it still carries the typical relaxed and full of bright colours atmosphere of one of the most beautiful coastlines in Italy.

And its strategic location allows you to enjoy the entire cost, reach every place you would like to visit and yet have upscale and affordable accommodation, while enjoying some of the best sea-food you have ever tried. And here is how:

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Naples Travel Guide

Italy Travel Notes presents: MAX PIECESNI

A point of embarkation for emigrants in the past, Naples now has a large traffic of merchandise (petroleum, carbon, cereals) and passengers. In the vast urban area one can distinguish many different neighborhoods: the old center, characterized by buildings closely crowded together, is bordered on the west by the new administrative district and on the east by the business district, into which flows almost all the road and rail traffic. Other neighborhoods, with narrow climbing streets, rise around the base of the San Martino and Capodimonte hills. These neighborhoods have experienced intense development, typically of the simpler kind, in contrast to that of the residential neighborhoods that stretch out comfortably along the Vomero and Posillipo hills.


Photograph by Trey Ratcliff

Today Naples is a filthy, large, overbearing and crime-infested city – but in all these things lies the city’s charm. Although the living circumstances for most of Naples’ inhabitants are low, they know how to survive and to enjoy the joys of live.
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Naples Travel Guide

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Naples, south of Rome in the Campania region, is the third largest city in Italy and has a lot to offer to the traveler. Naples is a lot of fun, Sunny, lively, sassy and simply unforgettable. Superbly positioned on a bay, Naples has a little – and often a lot – of everything. It pulsates with noisy street markets and their colourful characters. Naples is music, theatre, Vesuvius, coffee, pizza and the sea… all those colors, sounds and aromas that capture your attention, win you over and seduce you.


Photograph by Trey Ratcliff

Naples is a mixture of heart-stopping beauty, life-threatening chaos and a strong sense of life being lived to its limits, right in your face. If Milan is Italy’s ego, Naples is its id. Squeezed in between Europe’s second-largest active volcano on one side and the sulphurous springs and boiling mud pools of the Flegrean fields on the other, all hemmed in by the blue bay around which the city clusters.
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