Things To Do And Places To Visit In Italy

By Barrie Le Gall

Wow, you are traveling to a wonderful country for an “Italian holiday”. Italy is a beautiful country with a great deal to offer its residents and tourists. First, to really see Italy, you must go to Rome, to see the ruins of the Coliseum and the Vatican. The architecture is truly something to behold. While still in Rome, visit the Roman Forum, a truly archeological find. After you have toured Rome, head out on a train ride to see the famous leaning tower of Pisa, only about a three hour train ride from Rome.

Another locale to visit is the Italian Rivera, where the rich and the famous flock for sea and sun. There are many smaller seaside villages nestled along the coastline where families and couples can enjoy good food and great beaches. These villages are some of the most beautiful locations in all of Italy.

If the countryside is your plan for an Italy holiday, Tuscany is a place you won’t want to miss. The beautiful hills, green pastures, great food and wonderful people will all come together to make your trip to the country a great experience. While traveling in Tuscany make sure you visit a vineyard or two, to get a taste of the wine bottled in that area.

Italy has another famous site where history buffs will want to visit; the ancient city of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. This is part of history and a visit to Italy would not be complete without seeing this area. The site shows a little about the one thriving town before the largest volcanic eruption in history took place. If history is not your cup of tea, but food is, definitely visit the city of Naples, where the pizza is supposed to be the best anywhere in the world. Follow up your food fest with a water boat ride on the Grand Canal in the city of Venice, where couples can be serenaded in style.

Reported to be the location of the first humans who resided in Italy, the Sassi di Matera is a village of prehistoric houses and caves that have been carved out of white rock. This is history at its best. Truly, no matter what you choose to do or see on your Italy holiday, you will not be disappointed in the architecture, food and people in this beautiful country. Plan your trip today for memories that will last you a lifetime. Italy is calling you!

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