Italian Cruises – Discover the Most Fascinating Ports in Italy

By Mohammed Abdul Nadeem

With its long stretched coastline, Italy is one of the major tourist destinations for all the Mediterranean cruise ships. These luxurious cruise ships travel all across Italian waters, and they also anchor in a few port towns. You will be allowed to go shopping and mix with the local flavour, while on your Italian cruise trips.

Italian Ports:

There are a number of good ports in Italy, but some of the Ports Of Call are very popular among the tourists who travel on cruises. Once you get to know about the ports where your ship will be anchoring, then you could find some more information about those places.

Which are the nearby attractions to the cruise port?
What are the transportation options available from the port?
It is possible to cover more than one place of attraction in a day?

Major Italian Ports:

Roma Cruise Terminal: Roma lies inland, almost 50 miles away from the nearest coast. It is located in Civitavecchia, and you can travel to Rome via a bus or train. Train roughly takes an hour (one way). Well, the easiest option is to book a taxi, so that you can move around little and enjoy the road trip.

Stazione Marittima: It is more popular as the Venice port. It is actually located on the islands, and is well within a walking distance from the city’s train station. You can easily go around the Venice city within one day. If you are short of time, you can directly head to St. Mark’s Square in a vaporetto (water bus).

Molo Angioino: The city of Naples is right on the water, therefore getting in and out of the city is very easy. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to a day trip to Sorrento or Pompeii, you can simply take public transport, as it is easily accessible from the port.

Porto di Livorno: Just like Roma, the cruise ports connecting to Florence and Pisa are not close to the cities. It is 55 miles away from Florence and 15 miles from Pisa. In addition to Florence and Pisa, you can also visit other Tuscan towns from this seaport.

Porto di Milazzo: It is close to the town centre in Messina, and thus travelling around is not really an issue. You can easily get a train to Toarmina, and reach your destination while witnessing some of the Sicily’s famous and well-preserved Greek ruins.

Stazione Marittima di Genova: Genoa is located right on the shore, and therefore travelling to nearby tourist attraction from there is quite easy. You can walk or take a metro to travel within the city limits. If you are planning to travel to Portofino, then it is suggested that you take book your tour in advance with any of the local travel agencies, so that you do not waste much time.

If you are planning your Italy Port shore trip first time, them it is suggested that you contact on of the best tour and travel operators to help you plan well, also within your budget. There are many travel agencies that offer affordable packages.

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