Beat the Curiosity – Visit the Unusual Places in Venice

By Sam Miller

Venice is a lovely and magical city where you can find lots of places to visit. It is no wonder that there are thousands of tourists that are heading to this area. Many of them are returning visitors as Venice has already captured their interests when it cast a spell unto them. Here, you will find different unique and unusual places in Venice that you will surely find interesting. When you go to this place, do not forget to visit them so that your stay will be more than complete.

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One of the interesting and unusual places in Venice is the Bridge of Sighs or the Ponte de Sospiri. Not only is the name unusual but the entire place is exceptional as well. This is actually the place that connects the prison rooms to the Doge’s Palace where the interrogation room is located. Here, the convicts are allowed to get their last view of Venice City as they glance out the window. Another is the Campanile of San Marco, which is famous all over the world. If you want to go to the top of the building, you will need to pay for a small fee. Do not worry because it is surely worth your money as the 360 degree view is breathtaking. An interesting fact here is that this is not actually the original Campanile since it suddenly collapsed in the year 1902. Nevertheless, what we see now is an exact replica of what had been before.

The Rialto Bridge is yet another one of the unusual places in Venice. You may wonder: what is the deal with this bridge? When you get there, you will see why it is always crowded here. One of the main reasons is because there are streets here that are filled with extravagant boutiques including Valentino and Armani. So, if you love going shopping, try walking down the Rialto Bridge. This is one of the four bridges that surround the Grand Canal and it notably the oldest.

Who can ever forget St. Mark’s Square or the Piazza San Marco? This is because it is the most famous place that you can visit in Venice. As a matter of fact, this has been treated as the focus or the center of the city. Here, you will find the important offices as well as the place of the Archbishop ever since the 19th century. Many festivals are held here too. If you like art museums, you may want to visit the Accademia Gallery, which contains the best Venetian paintings in the world starting from the 18th century up to now. What is interesting about this museum is that the collections that they have gathered have been arranged in chronological order so that the visitors will know which ones are the oldest and which are the newest additions. This should really be a part of your list on “things to do in Venice.”

The brilliant and unusual places in Venice do not stop here. You can always find the complete list of the best hotspots in Venice with the help of your travel guide. You can also make researches first so that you can list the places that you want to visit when you get there.

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