How to Get Around in Venice

By Kayleigh Lamb

Getting around in Venice

Moving across Venice and between the city and airports, can be a pricey business, although there are lots of travel passes and special offers help to keep prices down. There are lots of ways to trim down the cost however, before buying any ticket to travel, double check that it isn’t already covered by a certain travel pass or if you are entitled to some kind of discount.


There are some good ways to cut the costs and it can pay to organise your travel and other passes before you arrive, the website gives considerable discounts at non-peak times, but you must ensure that your pass is booked at least one week before you arrive.

Once you’re on the island Venice, You may not need any transport at all and in fact, the best way to get around for you will probably be walking. Your map reading skills will be severely tested in the maze that is Venice, however getting lost and somehow, managing to find your end destination and reaching your goal are very important parts of the Venice experience.


There are three main airports that visitors arriving in Venice will like use: Venice-Marco Polo at Tessera, Verona-Villafranca or Treviso. A water taxi can be arranged before hand to take you to your hotel.


You certainly won’t need a car if you’re only going to stay within Venice as of course, the streets are made of water. The Lido has a few roads and motor vehicles but it’s such a small island, and parking is no easy feat, to the extent that you’ll more than likely find a car is more hindrance than help. The only instance in which a vehicle is essential to your travel plans is if you are planning to explore outside of Venice and further into the Veneto region.

If you’re arriving by car, you’re going to have to leave your car at one of the car parks on the mainland, at Piazzale Roma or on Tronchetto island. Many hotels in Venice have special deals with a car park: you should ask your hotel before choosing one at random to ensure that you’ll have somewhere to stow the car whilst on your travels.

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