Plan a Terrific Trip to Tuscany With the Ultimate Travel Guide For Italy and Florence

By Sara Rossi

Suzanne Morris, a frequent and seasoned visitor to the land of wine and pasta, shares her secrets for successful travel for those who are planning a trip to Italy.

Morris combines research and personal experience to share with her readers everything one needs to know when planning a trip to Tuscany: all the must-see venues, from famous museums and attractions to little-known holes-in-the-wall that will provide an authentic cultural experience for any traveler.

Need tips for travel to Italy, whether you’re traveling as a family or planning a romantic get-away for just the two of you? Morris helps readers find lodging that meets their needs. It also offers suggestions for authentic restaurants for every budget, as well as a comprehensive listing of wineries and vineyards that offer wonderful wine tastings. Additionally, she also includes opening hours, prices, and tips to facilitate visits to popular sites in this culturally rich metropolitan city.

There are more than 100 links to websites about Florence and Tuscan travel that readers will find indispensable in planning their trip, as well as featuring stunning photography of Tuscany and Florence. There is also is a language help guide that will help readers learn basic Italian phrases to facilitate communication on their trip abroad.

“I would like to say how neat it is to have all the URLs of all these great sites in one file,” said Bill Duncan of Scotland. “This will save me hours of time when I come to book my holiday. The order in which [Morris has] written about everything is pretty clever – as well as informative.”

This is part 1 of an article series that is an invaluable resource when planning a trip to this beautiful area because of all the relevant information is researched for the Italian bound traveler.

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