Maremma holidays: another way to enjoy tuscany

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Maremma is a tourist hotspot that is visited by tourists during their Tuscany holidays to spend a relaxing time I a wild nature… Maremma is located in the southwestern part of Tuscany this is the place where is possible to enjoy nature, culture, beautiful landscape, hot springs, sea, sandy beaches, historic town, medieval villages, etc, in this place.


Photograph by Tiziano

The climate of the region is mild and the region is replete with almond trees, which makes it a great destination in Tuscany beach holidays. The hilltops of Maremma house some interesting towns and the place has been home for ancient Etruscan settlements and tombs. This coastal region is a ‘hiker’s haven’ and has many fishing villages.

The hot springs in the region are believed to have miraculous medicinal properties. There are many large reserves in Maremma and it is home to innumerable Etruscan and Roman ruins, which makes the place historically important in the map of Tuscany. The coastline of Maremma covers 130 km, in the north.

The Natural park of Maremma is a must see place, in the region. It is located along the Tyrrhenian coast and is characterized by rivers, mountains, marsh areas, steep cliffs, etc. The Park is rich in fauna and is home to many exotic wild animals.

The city of Grosseto is an historically important place in Maremma: the city walls, built during the Medici Era, speak of the architectural splendor of the era. The Church of St. Peter in the city preserves a bell tower, an interesting and strange dome and beautiful Romanesque abbey. The Church of St. Franceso is a marvelous edifice that is filled with rare embellishments like exquisite sculptures, paintings, etc.

The town of Saturnia is situated in Tuscany’s southern part. Saturnia is an ancient, historically important town and it used to be an exquisite medieval village. The pristine Natural setting of the region, which comprises the hills, olive groves, woods and Etruscan remains, is a great destination in all the Tuscany beach holidays. When, one passes the city walls, one is encountered with the panoramic vies of exotic countryside which is filled with the perfumed Mediterranean bushes, that grow along the Albegna river.

The hot springs of Maremma are an integral part of all the maremma holidays, and they are present in most towns of the region. The hot springs was found by ancient romans (believed that the waters originated from the Hades… ) and they offer a nice hot water bath to the visitors, with a characteristic smell. The hot spring water falls are therapeutic and they cure an array of ailments in humans. Air, nose, throat diseases, Arthrosis, Rheumatism, Osteoarticular diseases, Skin diseases, urinary tract and genital diseases, Vascular diseases, etc are treated by the hot water that gushes down.

The warm sulphurous waters of the hot springs in Saturnia, the Roman and Etruscan ruins, seaside villages, archeological sites, pristine natural setting, gentle beaches, hiking spots, fishing villages, historic towns and sandy beaches make this place a favorite spot in the Maremma beach holidays, for the tourists! Enrico provide characteristic farm holiday Tuscany accommodations to spend relaxing holidays in contact with nature, booking typical farmhouse accommodation in Tuscany located in the earth of Maremma Park, not far from Tuscany beaches..

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