Florence for young travellers

Italy Travel Notes presents: Michele De Capitani

Among academies, libraries and museums, religious monuments, churches, civil architecture and buildings you will experience you really are in a treasure hunting. For this reason not only tourists, or backpackers but prevalently international students or even international volunteers are choosing this city for their academic courses, stages and studies.


Well, to start, we mention an international place where students, travellers, journalists and actors usually meet: at Acqua al 2 you can get cannelloni, beef, selection of salads, pasta, cheese and excellent wines at average prices of €30. Acqual al 2 is a modern bistro that we suggest in Via Vigna Vecchia ,40; ph: +39 055 284 170; open daily from 7.30 pm-1am).

If you are visiting Florence and you are on a budget and looking for cheap accommodation consider youth hostels, backpackers hostels or international students houses ( hostels as well) where a bed night average price start from 18 euros. The atmosphere is quite basic but somehow fascinating. Florence does not have a long tradition in modern hippie youth hostels as you might find in other top cities. Florence rather can offer old style hostels, kind of student residence, or pilgrim residence as it was in Medieval times. Monasteries are converted in new pilgrims hostels ( backpackers, students, international volunteers) sometimes still run by nuns or monks. You can find some more details in site for young travellers or backpackers as Flashboking.com.

For budget tips where to go shopping here we go!

It is possible to make excellent purchases in the narrow lanes and streets of Florence in particular around Santa Croce and Oltrarno you can easily find little authentic workshops of paper, leather, perfumes…

Some names: Il Papiro offers good quality hand-made paper in Piazza del Duomo, 24r (ph: +39 055 281 628). Officina Profumo Farmaceutica Shop an old fashioned chemist offers lotions, potions, and herbal remedies abound in elegant packaging in Via Scala, 16 (ph: +39 055 16276 )

Go to Piazza dei Ciompi if you are looking for second-hand and flea markets (last Sun. of the month), or to S. Lorenzo Market (northwest of the Duomo), or the colourful Central Market for food (Square of Mercato Centrale). Here you ‘ll find olives, hams, cheeses and fresh vegetables. Try Via Maggio and Borgo Ognissanti for fine Florentine antique shops.

Of course for anything you need, ticket booking, accommodations booking, hotel reservations, budget trattorie, or simply to locate all this on a map you need a pc and an internet point ( as not all youth hostel will have pc free fro every guest!!). There are a few in Florence. Internet point (Borgo degli Albizi 66; ph:+39 055 24 0780; €3/hour); Internet Train: (€4/hour or €3/hour for students) with 12 point sin the city: Via dell’Oriuolo, 40, ph: +39 055 2345 322; Via del Parione 11b, ph:+39 055 264 5563; Borgo S. Jacopo, ph: +39 055 265 7935).

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