Another top 5 spots to check at the Rome airport – Areas B and C

Italy Travel Notes presents: by Christina Vlahova

As discussed in our previous article with the first top 5 spots to check – the Rome airport is divided in three areas: A, B and C. Where A is for the national flights inside Italy, B is for the EU flights and then C for all international flights outside the EU. And if you are checking in at Rome you have two access points and that of area A for the national flights and area B for all international, i.e: you check in at B even if you are flying outside the EU and once you are past the security control of your hand luggage you go right for the EU flights and left where you also go through passport control for the flights outside the EU.


And today`s tips on spots to check are going to be for those located in the area B and C, also because you can find these spots in both of these areas. So whether you have just arrived form another Italian city or you are checking in at Rome, but you have some time before your flight to linger around, have a look at the following spots:

1. The Ferrari store
Typical Italian and I do not know of any other airport where you can get into a Ferrari store. And when you get in it is red all over with the famous horse logo visible on all kinds of merchandising items. And you have a wide choice from the well known Ferrari red shirts and caps to towels and bathrobes for the real fans and all in red of course. And then for the more upscale audience there are shoes and computer bags and not necessarily always in red, but undoubtedly always carrying the Ferrari logo.

2. Calzedonia
Another true Italian brand and chain of stores for hosiery and swimsuits, this store might be more attractive to the female audience, but is does offer and impressive choice of colourful and stylish socks and hosiery. With very accessible prices, so if you happen to pass by it in August or February, when the respective season`s collections are offered on sale, you can find even better deals. Always interesting to check.

3. Canestro stores
The Canestro stores which you can find at several locations throughout the B and C areas and are perfect for your last minute typical Italian delicacies shopping. So between limoncello and grappa, pasta of all sizes and colours, parmigiano, pesto Genovese, tartuffo, mozzarella and aceto Balsamico and be it to bring part of Italy with you or to bring a delicious gift to your friends, even though they might be a bit overpriced due to your last-minute gift shopping and all of these items are worth picking up.

4. Good Buy Roma
This is probably the only store you can find only in area C or rather even if you find it in A or B and shopping there is worthwhile only when you are at the C area and because this is your typical duty free store, whose prices are free of duty only when you are leaving the EU. That being, because if you are flying on the territory of the EU even if you are going to a different country – it is considered as one common market and that is why the items you buy at A or B are priced the same way they are inside Italy. But then, if you are headed outside the EU, might be worthwhile checking Good Buy Roma for a pack of cigarettes or some of the latest perfumes.

5. Piazza di Spagna – restaurant
Not really a restaurant, but rather a snack bar, while you are shopping, if you feel hungry do check these spots which you find dispersed both in the B and C areas for some real Italian snacks. I personally recommend the tramezzini if you have not tried them, because these sandwiches which do look similar to a club sandwich and are usually consumed cold can be found with a variety of fillings and even though you might try them at an airport snack bar and they are delicious. And not to limit yourself only to the tramezzini there is also a wide choice of pizzas, Italian sandwiches or pannini filled with prosciutto or mozzarella or mortadella. So, if you are not in for airplane food this might be a way to quickly pick up something to munch and not be disappointed.

One more advise for those travellers leaving the EU from the C area. Even though all these spots are enchanting to make sure you catch your flight on time and do not suddenly hear your name being called on the airport announcement system and do check if your gate is not between C 22 and C 30. If that is the case, it might take you a bit longer to reach your gate.

Because these gates are located outside the main airport building and you reach them with a shuttle from the C area after passport control. Very convenient and coming to pick you up every 3 minutes, but still takes some time to arrive at these gates. And there are some more shops, so you are guaranteed to leave the Fiumicino airport and Rome with a gift and some great memories.

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